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Oslob Prenup: A Bold & Dramatic Session

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We just can’t help but marvel at this Oslob prenup.

When you get the opportunity to do something pretty epic in your life with your loved one, like swim with whale sharks, might as well make sure to document it well. Having it as part of their prenup, Chex & Ed had more than just a well documented epic adventure. What they got was a well-crafted, dramatic and awe-inspiring Oslob prenup memento captured by Oly Ruiz with his team at Metrophoto.

Naturally, what brought this couple to Oslob for their prenup was their love for the ocean.

“As a couple, we have long been fascinated with the ocean. We feel most relaxed when we are either swimming or just by the shore listening to the sound of waves. Oslob has long been one of our vacation targets with, of course, the highlight of swimming with the whale sharks. During our first meeting with Oly, he immediately asked us what concept we had in mind for our pre wedding shoot and without any hesitation, we both said that we loved to be in the water.“

This Oslob prenup not only gives an amazing set of the couple swimming along with the whale sharks, but it also gives us a different perspective on the otherwise sleepy town of Oslob. We find how the place can be a backdrop for such dramatic, romantic & sensuous photos capturing the love between soon-to-weds.

I’m not sure how adventurous Chex and Ed are, but their Oslob prenup definitely captured and brought out this side of them as a couple.

“I would say that the entire pre wedding experience was definitely surreal. We were able to push the limits of our comfort zone and we ended up surprising ourselves. In totality, working with Metrophoto team allows you to realize your unknown creative potential.”

Pushed to your limits in creating beautiful moments & masterpieces together surely makes for an awesome prenup bonding experience. Wouldn’t it be great to look back on photos from the time when you’re about to begin your lifetime together and see how you were both intensely in love and ready for any adventure ahead of you?

If you’re up for an adventure, this kind of prenup might be something you’d want to consider for your own. As you seriously think about it, refer to these tips from Chex & Ed’s that might help you decide:

1) Pick a theme, which you are both genuinely passionate about.

2) You must both be willing to go over and beyond your limitations in order to give your pre wedding journey a massive jolt of excitement.

3) Enjoy every minute of your pre wedding experience because it will definitely make the final product even more worthwhile.

Just take it from the looks of their Oslob prenup’s final product. Follow their lead if you want your prenup session to be as amazing as theirs.







Supplier Spotlight : Photography: Metrophoto | Creative Stylist: Mike Lavarez | Fashion/Celebrity Stylist: AJ Alberto | Hair and Makeup: Claudia Gonzales

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