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Tagaytay Woodlands: A Relaxed & Rustic Engagement Session

Tagaytay Woodlands, Ralph Lee Photography, Styled by Kiz

Sometimes, the hustle & bustle of wedding preparations leave little or no room for a couple to enjoy a vacation what with their busy schedules and all. Justin & Irelle found the perfect avenue for a break through their  Tagaytay Woodlands rustic, romantic & relaxed engagement session.

“Since both of us are very busy, planning our prenup seems like very good excuse to have a getaway. We want a location away from the metro hence we chose Tagaytay. In addition, our top priority in choosing our location is the weather. We don’t want to get stressed during the photoshoot under the scorching sun. Plus we love cold weather.”

Tagaytay Woodlands, Ralph Lee Photography, Styled by Kiz

Now, isn’t that a good excuse for having a prenup? When you think about it, you don’t really need to stress about your prenup. Just pick a good place where you want to spend a day or so to relax and bring along some nice outfits. Then, you have for yourselves something that’s pretty much a beautifully documented vacation.

“We really didn’t have a theme in mind. We just wanted to maximize the great sceneries at Tagaytay highlands.”

Even if they didn’t really have a theme, it’s lovely how the photos came out having such a rustic, romantic & relaxed feel. It’s a delight looking through the sets they had for this Tagaytay woodlands prenup. In the carefree, relaxed vibe of their daytime shoot, I found Irelle’s simple, elegant but playful red pantsuit just adorable on her. I love how she transforms in the different sets from playful to romantic to sultry in a wholesome sexy way. Let’s admit that a lady’s outfit does a lot in defining certain themes for such sets, but needles to say, Justin complimented her perfectly in all of those. I can’t put a finger on it, but I enjoyed browsing though their photos and can’t help but think of how these two really make such a cute couple.

Tagaytay Woodlands, Ralph Lee Photography, Styled by Kiz

Overall, this set actually makes for an exquisite Tagaytay woodlands prenup. You can see how relaxed and happy Justin & Irelle look in these photos. You can tell this prenup getaway has done then good. I suppose, as with most prenup sessions, they have their ‘knotters’ to thank for such a wonderful experience and output.

“We knew that we are in safe hands with our suppliers. We were very comfortable with them  that made this  whole experience as if we were just playing. The photoshoot was smooth sailing, fun-filled and very memorable. We definitely got the stress-free prenup getaway that we wanted.”

Taking from Justin & Irelle’s Tagaytay woodlands prenup experience, we’re seeing these two tips other soon-to-wed can take note of as they plan their prenup to make it worry & stress free.

1) Make it a vacation

You don’t need to think of a theme, just think of where you want to go to get a break from the busyness of preparing for the big day.

2) Get professionals to take care of the details.

Since you want to relax for this session, don’t attempt any DIY efforts anymore. Get a professional photographer, stylist & hair and makeup artist to take care of the details for you.  Of course, choose the ones you believe in and whose taste you feel matches with yours. So that all you need to do is really just to follow their lead, smile & enjoy.

Supplier Spotlight: Photography: Ralph Lee Photography | Styling: Styled by Kiz | Hair & Makeup: Katchie Meijas | Location : The Woodlands, Tagaytay Highlands

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