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Naturally in Love: Ace and Love’s Prenup Session

Nothing feels more natural than being content and happy, surrounded by the people you love. Ace and Love, who chose the Greenery in Bulacan for their Naturally in Love prenup session, wanted their shoot to be a testament to new beginnings, as well as reconnections.

“We chose this venue because it is very close by and we love the scenery. Greenery signifies new beginnings and reconnecting to what is important in our lives.  It also means getting rid of the unnecessary.”

Through their pictures from their Naturally in Love session, we can feel their love and connection to each other: from the way they hold each other’s hands to the loving gazes they exchanged with one another. It really shows how much they’re looking forward to starting their new lives together!

The swift breeze that blows at Love’s dress and hair; the soft ripples on the surface of the river–these are all magically captured in their engagement session. Though often the powerful forces of nature cannot be seen, they surely move whatever is around them. It’s much the same with love itself.  Indeed, this couple’s love for one another is evident in each photograph.  Amid the elemental beauty of nature, it’s natural to be reminded of our inherent call to reconnect to what is truly important in our lives, to strip away the unnecessary, and to focus only on love. No wonder the couple chose this place for their Naturally in Love prenup session! (Take a look at this au naturel engagement session too.)

Ace and Love described their prenup shoot as “exciting and, through the help of Ms. Yvonne, our fashion stylist, and the rest of the staff, our experience was truly a memorable one.”  And it shows! The photos taken by PJ and Emerald of PJ Dayag Photography captured exactly how much fun the couple had on their engagement session.

Naturally in Love: Prenup Session Tips from Ace and Love

1. You must have a professional photographer!

When you get a reputable photographer, it saves you time and effort. They already know what works and they have mastered the timing of capturing beautiful moments and emotions that are often too fleeting! So even in the most mundane setting, they can transform a simple photoshoot and bring it to a much higher level.

2. A professional fashion stylist is a plus!

Not all of us have the eye for the right color combination and what-not. But having a professional fashion stylist can help bring out the theme that you want to portray for your prenup session. They can help bring out the best and fiercest you but without necessarily changing your personality for the shoot.

3. Invest in your suppliers.

“We believe that investing in the right suppliers ensures a better outcome for your prenup session.”

Booking professional suppliers who know their stuff and also desire for their clients to be happy ensures a successful outcome, whether it’s an engagement session or the actual wedding day. Make sure you get people who care about you and your big day.

Supplier Spotlight: Photographer: PJ Dayag Photography | Styling: Yvonne Camay | 

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