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Au Naturel Prenup at Lobo, Batangas: Gre & Cza

If you’re still thinking about whether to have a prenup session or not, check out this Lobo, Batangas prenup session of Gre & Cza.

Their story, experience and photos by Polk Studios just might help you make that final decision. You might be considering the same things Gre & Cza have thought about.

“Our initial plan was not to have a prenup shoot at all because of the various photos we have taken in our travels. We have shared with James (of Polk Studios) that we like going on hikes and fortunately he shares the same interest. We decided to go ahead with the session, after all, it is only once in a lifetime that we get to have a prenup shoot.”

Given this, they had an outdoor/nature minimalist theme in a location that’s practically an undiscovered gem for outdoor shoots. Well, undiscovered until now. Here’s what led them to having a Lobo, Batangas prenup session.

“We decided that the venue will definitely be in Batangas, where we both grew up. There are a lot of choices in terms of mountains to hike, but we decided to have it in Lobo, Batangas. We wanted to maximize the time we will spend with the prenup shoot and Lobo has a lot to offer.”

Learning more about Lobo, Batangas has to offer would pique any outdoor-lover’s interest.

“It has the Tulay na Busog, a valley covered with sand with a bit of water flowing in the middle. In that same area there is a plantation of perfectly-lined coconut trees. Along our travel we also passed by a quarrying location which served to be a good place for an open-space shot. In the same municipality, there is the century-old Malabrigo lighthouse, something we have always wanted to have a photo with. Lastly, Lobo offers numerous mountain peaks, but we chose the Sombrero Peak because it has views of the Verde Island Passage on one side and the Lobo-San Juan mountain range on the other. It also presented a unique experience due to the fact that no other couple has done their photo shoot in Sombrero Peak. And another bonus point is that the peak only stands at approximately 400MASL, which meant 1.5-hour hike and 40-minute descent.

We just love how the beauty of nature is highlighted not only through the wondrous outdoor, nature setting provided by this Lobo, Batangas location, but also by their ‘au naturel’ set up. Notice how Cza’s very minimal make up and hair tussled by the wind worked so well in this set. It has a romantic feel that’s at the same time raw & endearing.

So what was their experience in this Lobo, Batangas prenup like? There are some things to take note of here if you’re thinking of going there for your own prenup session.

“The whole prenup experience was definitely fun, but tiring as well. It was our first time to be in that location together and that experience alone gave us joy. But we were a bit nervous at the start thinking that things may not go as planned especially since it was an outdoor shoot. It was good that there was only scattered light showers during the day. 

We started at 5:30 in the morning. We met up in Alabang, drove to Batangas and were back in Alabang by10:00 in the evening; with Gre behind the wheel the whole trip. Imagine the level of energy that was required during the shoot. But energy is not enough, it has to be coupled with flexibility. It involves willingness to change outfits anywhere that we can be covered. This meant inside the car or inside a malong while we were at the mountain top. 

For the shoot itself, we did not plan any poses and just followed as the photographer’s instructions. Though we have taken hundreds of photos on our own, it was different when you have a photographer with you. There were suggestions on where to place our hands, where to look and James shared techniques in getting the shots that we want. It was definitely helpful. And since we wanted to save time and because of the trust we have with the photographers, not once did we take at look at the photos they took of us (only once when James showed the photo to share the effect of the putting a piece of plastic around the lens).  

We ended the day drained of energy but completely happy with the successful shoot. We were so glad we went ahead with it.”

On top of that, Cza & Gre have these 5 important tips for other soon-to-weds planning their own prenup session. Especially if  you’re thinking of having one at a distant location like their Batangas prenup.

1) Plan ahead.

This means researching about the place, preparing for the weather and taking care of the logistics. In our case Gre did an ocular visit prior to the actual shoot so we would know the travel time and exact location. It helped us in estimating that time we will need for each area for the shoot and how to maximize the time. Initially, we wanted to have a two-day shoot but realized that we can actually shorten the duration. Remember as well to plan for food and drinks. Bring water especially when shooting outdoors.

2) Know what you want.

Find a photographer that suits your style. And once you have decided who to get, let them know how you wanted to the shoot to be. Tell them if you are comfortable with doing certain poses or otherwise. In our case we just wanted photos with natural lighting and surrounded by greens and blues from trees, mountains and sky.

We decided to get Polk Studios based on the portfolio they have in their website and their eagerness to have an outdoor engagement session. It helped a lot that our couple photographers James Polk and Robyne Varghese were easy to work with. We appreciated the way they directed the shoot. They gave us simple instructions, relaxed poses and basically just let us be who we are during the session. It was amazing how they can quickly improvise given that we consciously decided not to bring any props. Whenever they see a good spot, we would stop, get out of the car, take some shots and move again. They showed the same creativity when instinctively James decided to use the Malong as part of our costume when initially it was only meant to be used as cover when changing clothes up in the mountain. And most importantly, we loved their professionalism in conducting the session. Once we get to the location, they were right away ready to shoot, even right after reaching the Sombrero peak. It was an overall worthwhile experience, thanks to James and Robyne.

3) Prepare outfits ahead of time.

In our case we did not have a stylist so we decided on our own what clothes to wear. We chose those what we are comfortable in and at the same time looks good in photos. We did a bit of research on color combinations and noted that we do not have to be in super matching clothes. We did share with our photographer what we planned to wear so he can give his own inputs as well, and in this case, he suggested that in addition to the dresses and long sleeves, we can bring jeans and white shirt for a more casual look.

4) Focus on the important stuff.

Since we know that we wanted the shoot to turn out to be as simple as can be, we took out items that we think will not be necessary. One of which is elaborate make up. We turned to the power of minimal foundation and lipstick coupled with natural lighting.

Another thing we decided to eliminate are props. We maximized the use of good location which offered gorgeous views and amazing details. That way we saved both time (as there is no need to spend an hour for hair and make up) and money (styling fee, balloons, etc.). Another bonus was that, since there were only us, the couple, and two photographers, there was not a lot to worry about. It took out the stress of posing in front of a lot of people as well.

5) Relax and enjoy!

Trust the photographer, they know what they are doing. Feel good whatever happens because it will show in the photos. Remember that the prenup session is a celebration of your love. Your smile is more important than anything else.

 Supplier Spotlight: Photography: Polk Studios

So how do you like this ‘au naturel’ outdoor Lobo, Batangas prenup session? We’d love to know what you think. Don’t forget to share this with engaged friends thinking of whether to have a prenup session or not.

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