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10 Good Reasons To Invest On Your Lights & Sounds Provider

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Most soon-to-weds forego their lights and sounds provider.

“Oh, I don’t want pink or blue or violet hues in my reception, anyway.”

“Our venue already comes with speakers and microphones. They should be enough.”

“We have our musicians. They’ll cover all the songs and program parts we need.”

“We just have a simple program.”

Or they book them last (whoever is the cheapest at that).

And that is one of the most common errors committed.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to select an outstanding lights and sounds provider and why you should include it on your list of priorities.

  1. The pillar

    You have to remember that most of the other suppliers during a wedding reception are hooked up to your lights and sounds: host, musicians, projectors and the ambient lighting and mood that your stylist is trying to create. There are just too many things that can go wrong and most of them rely on the lights and sounds. Would you like to put all those many things in the hands of a mediocre? Or would you rather make everyone shine by booking a great lights and sounds supplier?

  1. Provides support

    The host may tie in everything during a reception. But it is the lights and sounds supplier who supports him/her all throughout the program. They are the ones who fill the program. Can you imagine the host trying to hype the entrance of the entourage and the sounds supplier suddenly played a slow song? Or have you watched a game without any background music? Do you not hate dead air (this is not a fault of the emcee)?

  1. Technical glitches

    When attending a wedding reception, do you notice the most usual problem that occurs? Technical! Yes! There is almost always a technical glitch! Can you trace where it comes from? You got it – there is a fat chance (not 100% though) that the error came from one of those cables.

  1. Tech rider

    Your musicians will have a tech rider (minimum technical requirements) that should be covered by your lights and sounds supplier.

  2. Rest for the weary

    Your musicians cannot possibly play all throughout the duration of 2 to 2.5 hours of the reception program.

  3. At least, compensate

    If you don’t have any musician or stylist, all the more that you need an exceptional lights and sounds provider to compensate for their absence.

  1. Ear-damaging

    You don’t want your older guests to complain about how the speakers are damaging their already weak sense of hearing. Sometimes, it becomes a reason for them to leave early. A capable lights and sounds supplier knows how to balance all audio output that they don’t hurt the ears.

  1. Your wedding is Special

    You want your guests to feel that they are in a special event, not just in any restaurant. The lack of mood lights makes the ambiance very flat, just like a restaurant or a seminar room.

  1. Attentive minds

    While there may be many lights and sounds suppliers in the market, only a few care enough to be attentive to the program and take the initiative to make it alive. While the equipment matter, the technician matters more.   An effective one operates different lighting treatments during dances, pictorial, dinner, etc; he is ready to hand out a microphone during a speech, he automatically turns off the lights during presentations; he backs the host by playing appropriate filler music; etc. You might as well get ahead of the competition and book one of those very few fine ones.

  1. Lasting impression

    When you ask guests how the wedding went, most of the time, they will refer to the last impression that they had – the reception. Give them a great one and they will not forget your wedding.

Please do your research, book the good ones early, feed them well (understand that they’re one of the firsts to ingress and the last to egress among the suppliers), love them and enjoy your peace of mind.

Do you now appreciate the importance of your lights and sounds provider? Tell us what you think

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  • I can’t even imagine a wedding without music. I mean I could, but it would be called a funeral, not a wedding. Also, bad sound is never good, guests can get annoyed and the video of the wedding will also have distorted sound, which is the worse. The lights are also important on the dance floor, otherwise, as you said, it will surely be a dull atmosphere, also awkward for the guests. Not everyone is a good dancer and they need the lights to hide that. 🙂

  • I never realized how important it was until I was reading through your article. Having music playing at the right sound is key to a successful wedding and reception. I have been to some that just make me crazy because they are too loud. Everyone ends up leaving with a headache and not the magical experience it is supposed to be. Also I think lighting has to be right for everyone to get out and dance!

  • R U S S

    I do a lot of events and I cant stress enough on the importance of allocating sufficient budget on lights and sounds. These are 2 very important components of an event. Both can make or break your event or wedding. Good lighting sets the mood. And there’s nothing more annoying than attending an event with bad sound system – totally gives the impression that people didn’t prepare for it.

  • I super agree. Lighting makes a dull place really nice, but the sound system, a lot of people think loud is good, actually that is not the case especially in a social gathering. These are the things sometimes organizers or hosts forget.

  • Though most venues, hotels especially, provide sound system, they are basic though. Its still wise to get professional suppliers as lights and sounds definitely add drama and life to any event.

  • I agree with this list. The sounds and the lights are essential to putting the right mood in the event. A glitch is being human, but we can avoid it by choosing “better” suppliers. Especially when it’s a big event, like weddings 🙂

  • I agree. I’ve attended enough weddings wherein they didnt get a good light and sound provider and it definitely affected the reception program. Things would have gone more smoothly if they did. Will remember your tips when it’s time for my wedding. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Sometimes you remember the wedding or any other events for that matter by the sound and the lights used. The right combination definitely makes a difference on how things would turn out. I’m not getting married anytime soon but it’s good to know these things as early as now.

  • Spot on , lighting is so important ! It creates the whole atmosphere , and who wants a cold , dull atmosphere on the best day of your life ? Usually , you would have somebody filming the most beautiful day , and taking lots of photos that you would cherish for the rest of your life . Speaks for itself , that you’d want the perfect lighting ! Same with the musicians and the sound installation , it’s GOT to be perfect for a perfect wedding !

  • I definitely agree with this!!! I have a friend who is a wedding photographer and he posts rants whenever things in his wedding events got messed up (but he do not mention names). There was this instance when they got a problem presenting video where everything looks so yellowish. Every little detail should really be taken of including lights and sounds. Because after all, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event!

  • I guess this tip should hold true to any event. From this point forward, I will keep this on mind for my learning events gig.

  • lights and sounds are very important for events like carshows , from the many shows that I have been to. there are people in charge of the sound system ,from the setup to the cleanup the team can transform any open space into a specticle!
    and knowledge of this is very important to ensure success of each carshow event.
    thanks for sharing

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