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Intimate Batanes Renewal of Vows: Jody and Dicky

Intimate Batanes Renewal, Metrophoto

What makes weddings special? Is it the fancy and lavish wedding reception? The long-trailed wedding gowns? Or the big, sparkly diamond wedding rings? This intimate Batanes renewal of vows by Jody and Dicky reminds us all of what truly makes weddings special.

Usually, couples would invite people who have witnessed their love story as their wedding guests. But Jody & Dicky wanted to do things differently for their wedding vow renewal.

It’s our 15th wedding anniversary. It’s very special because it’s intimate. In fact, it was just  my husband and I declaring our vows again. It doesn’t have to be with a big crowd. It is enough for just the two of us with the presence of a Catholic priest to bless our married life.


Since Dicky had a heart attack two years ago (2015), Jody thought renewing their vows was also appropriate to celebrate the second life of her husband.

I thought I was going to lose him back then. But God is so good to give us second chances. It’s amazing that he is even healthier now than on our first wedding 15 years ago.

It is true what they say: we often only realize the value of something/someone when it is gone. Fortunately for Jody and Dicky, it wasn’t too late. They now see that life is truly precious and believe that it’s good to renew your vows together during wedding anniversaries.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. But every additional year to our married life is a blessing.

Since it was their first time to visit Batanes, and hearing it was very beautiful, they were very excited to see the place for a vacation. They decided they should just pursue the plan to have an intimate Batanes renewal of vows. After all, Dicky gave Jody another ring for the special occasion.

Being a wedding planner for many years, we’ve asked Jody if there were still some new insights she learned from planning her own renewal of vows.

I learned that you can have a beautiful wedding, regardless if it’s intimate, or in front of hundreds of people! What is important is the two of you.

To that, we absolutely agree! Weddings are special because of these two people committing to love and uphold each other for the rest of their lives in front of God.

Would you believe that Jody was able to plan everything in less than a month? They decided to let go of the fancy details and just focus more on themselves as a couple. While it was definitely hard, Jody tells us that “It is possible.”

Just set right priorities and things will be great! As a bride, I just enjoyed the day. Something I always tell my brides: Let Go. Go with the flow. And enjoy every moment of it.

We also asked if there was any Top Knotter Moment with their suppliers. Jody had nothing but praises for them.

All my suppliers are amazing to help me pull off a one-month preparation wedding!

BeyondWhitePH helped me to come out with a two piece wedding gown with just two fittings! I didn’t want a fancy gown, just something age-appropriate. And they made a very beautiful gown! I super love it because it’s very flattering on me.

Gideon Hermosa sent my bouquet that morning from Manila to Batanes! It was very fresh! Amazing how he was able to send it all the way to me! Exactly the kind of bouquet I want!

Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto. No words! So proud to be a Metrophoto bride! We were Metrofied! I told Oly, I may not be able to do “buwis-buhay” shots but everything came out so beautiful! It was right on point for us! He brought out the best in me and my husband who was very shy to pose for the camera. All pictures were natural. His style is just perfect for us.

Eboy from Batanes. I love my hair and make up!!!! Eboy got exactly what I want for my look! No trial make up needed. I just contacted him because he was referred to me by Bernardo’s hotel. I asked him to come to our room and he was very fast in doing my hair and make up! It’s just an enhancement of my features! Love my curls on first day of shoot!

Fundacion Pacita. I just reserved a table for me and my husband and for Oly and his wife and crew. Super love the food in Fundacion Pacita! I love the Paella Negra. Must order carrot cake too. It was a breeze to just order your food on the day, a no-fuss reception!

From the photos of Jody and Dicky, you can just see how lovely and special this intimate Batanes renewal of vows was. With the way their story was told through these beautiful photos, (thanks to Metrophoto) the couple will surely treasure this special moment for years to come.

Supplier Spotlight: Photo: Metrophoto | Flowers: Gideon Hermosa | Gown: BeyondWhitePH | HMUA: Eboy from Batanes | Reception: Fundacion Pacita

What can you say about this intimate Batanes renewal of vows? Given the chance, where do you plan to have your renewal after 15 years? 

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