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Cozy Indoor Prenup Shoot at Antipolo Beehouse

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For a laid-back couple like Jay and Kaye, it’s more about the personality than the drama. With the help of their photographers from Bob & Zab Photography, they came up with the perfect cozy indoor prenup at Antipolo Beehouse.

“We chose the venue because we were looking for a place that’s cozy, where we don’t have to be pretentious and we can just be ourselves.”

Aside from choosing the right venue, choosing the right outfit is key to getting the kind of vibe you want for your prenup. While they had different sets of outfits for the shoot, they were all well within the casual & cozy style.  With coffee, pizza and lots of laughter, we can see how light and relaxed Jay and Kaye were.

They shared about how their cozy indoor prenup experience was. And it seems the session itself was as cozy as its theme.

“It was fun. There were no stiff and awkward poses. The suppliers were easy to work with and they made us feel very comfortable. There was so much laughter and joking around.”

In any prenup session, it’s important that the couple feel comfortable & relaxed during the shoot whatever theme they may choose to have. Depending on the theme, some prenup sessions might be more difficult to shoot than others mostly because of logistics. Fortunately for Jay and Kaye,  they didn’t have to encounter such concerns.

This cozy indoor prenup, it indeed captured ‘cozy’ for the couple. It was not just in terms of being in a cozy environment or setting, but how cozy & comfortable they are with each other. We love the wacky, playful shots too! We asked them if there was anything else they wished they prepared for the session, Kaye revealed:

“Jay wished he practiced his poses beforehand!”

At least, we know we have a very competitive and a “game” groom. Don’t worry, Jay! You have more than enough time to practice for your wedding day.

Supplier Spotlight: Photo: Bob & Zab Photography | HMUA: Trisha Leah Mercado

What do you think about this cozy indoor prenup? Share with us your ideal theme for your engagement shoot.

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