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Anilao Batangas Prenup: An Amazing Adventure To Mt Gulugod-Baboy

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For beach lovers and mountaineers like Em and Mitch, their Anilao Batangas prenup was something they dreamed about. It was their first beach and mountain together and certainly, won’t be the last.

“It was an amazing experience. Our suppliers were all great. They were a great part of the success of this prenup.”

Mt.Gulugod-Baboy, a popular hiking destination, is a sea and summit climb. After the long hike, one can take a short side trip at Sumbrero Island. It was the perfect venue to capture their love for mountain climbing. Aside from a hiking theme, they chose to  with two other interesting ones that fit their locations perfectly. A Safari and a 1920’s pin up look peg from the movie, The Notebook, for their theme.

Though they had a very successful pre-wedding shoot, Em and Mitch shared three things that they wished they could have prepared for their tiring Anilao Batangas prenup:

1. Allocating time for HMUA

My husband and I made the schedule. We missed allocating time for hair and make up. By the time make up artist finished our looks,  it was almost noon time. We’re supposed to reach the location before that to maximize the time. 

2. Theme locations & schedule

The shoot according to our chosen theme was very tiring, and really tested our physical capacity that day. We were badly exposed at the sun around 12nn or so while we’re  feeling cold in the afternoon at the mountain. I got sick the following day because of exhaustion and changed weather ,squeezing in everything in how many hours. We realized, we  should have at least spent a night  to have a more relaxed schedule, or made another schedule for another theme. 

3) Miscellaneous fees

Some things to consider are: gas, toll fees, crew meal, tip for locals, parking fees, entrance fees to the attraction, rental fees etc.. 

anilao batangas prenup, carlo acetre photography, boqueria lifestyle market

But despite the challenges they encountered during their Anilao Batangas prenup, they were rewarded with a ton of beautiful, memorable photos (c/o Carlo Acetre Photography) from their first adventure together. As any mountain-lovers would say,

“The best view comes after the hardest climb.”

Supplier Spotlight: Photography: Carlo Acetre Photography | Hair and Make up: Grynne and make up | Props/ Event Stylist: Boqueria Lifestyle Market (BLM) 

What can you say about this Anilao Batangas prenup? Would you also want to have a sea and summit climb?

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