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Turquoise Themed Wedding With A Touch of Tangerine

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Here’s a lovely Turquoise themed wedding of a couple whose love story was borne out of an office romance.

There’s also a cute back story to their first meeting, which seems to be a prelude to Krystel carrying the keys to Ryan’s heart. At that time, it was an ID badge that helped Ryan have access to get around their office building.

“It all started in year 2010. We were both new to the company, I started January of 2010, while Ryan started May of the same year. We were both IT engineers, Desktop Support Engineer back then, and part of our daily task was to handle end user requests, like software installation, computer login issue, etc. I was assigned to accompany him since his ID badge was not yet activated and he needs to transfer to a different floor. As I needed to do my daily tasks and perform floor to floor support, I had to leave Ryan first since he also has a different task assigned by our team lead, which was located at 6th floor. By lunch time, I was still occupied by the end users’ requests and totally forgot about Ryan being left alone at 6th floor (haha!). Our team lead already called him at his mobile phone however, he cannot leave 6th floor since I haven’t returned to fetch him. Then our team lead finally called me, reminded me that I should fetch Ryan. That’s the time that I remembered that I left him there. When we went back to our workstation, we are all laughing about what happened.” 

Then friendship ensued, with Ryan being much of a talker and Krystel the avid listener. Despite losing touch due to much workload, they were able to reconnect.

“From daily exchange of text messages, to late night calls, to constantly accompanying me to the bus stop before going home, I knew something was different.”

Interestingly, Krystel admits to eating her words because she kept saying that even as they became friends, she wasn’t interested in Ryan — initially. But, she soon fell for him eventually. On their second out of the country trip together, Ryan popped the question which led them to seal their love in this lovely turquoise themed wedding accented with tangerine.

Love moves in mysterious ways indeed. And love makes all things beautiful. We can see how the  beauty of love permeats in Krystel and Ryan’s turquoise themed wedding as captured by Don Tapan Photography. We love the details that exude a romantic vintagey feel as highlighted by Krystel’s gorgeous off-white gown softly flowing down the steps of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish.

Nothing should dim the joy of a couple on their special day. So, not only do wedding knotters strive to ensure this, but they also make it a point to give couples the wedding that they want. True enough this was the kind of service Krystel & Ryan got from theirs for their turquoise themed wedding, narrating their Top Knotter Moment as such:

“Our Top Knotter Moment was during the wedding day itself. While there were some glitches happened before the ceremony and before the reception started, our coordinator made sure to address those glitches to lessen our worries. But actually, all of our suppliers did a job well done on our wedding, and we are so happy that we got them and helped us achieve our dream wedding.”

For Krystel & Ryan, they see wedding preparation not only as preparation for their big day but for married life as well. And their tip for other couples is to consider this as they go through the motions of doing their preparations.

“For us, wedding planning is the first challenge you’ll face as a married couple, well at least you’re getting there as a married couple. All the decision making should be mutual, or least you guys should know how to compromise or even prioritize what or what not to include in your wedding.”

During the planning process itself, they have these 4 specific tips:

  1. Try not to stress yourself too much with the little details.

  2. For the fickle minded, once you’ve booked a supplier, stick to your choice.

Make sure to exhaust your browsing before booking your supplier so that you can be sure of your decision. And don’t browse other suppliers for something you’ve already booked so you won’t get any more confused.

  1. Set a budget and stick to it.

“Remember that you are preparing for your marriage, the wedding itself will last only for one day.”

  1. When getting an OTD Coordinator, do your part as a couple to prepare a proper turnover.

“It will benefit both parties. You’ll be relaxed on your wedding day, at the same time, your coordinator will have everything under controlled. But this will not guarantee a 100% free from glitches, what we want to happen is to eliminate glitches as much as possible. As what everyone mentioned, there is no perfect wedding.”

Krystel & Ryan tells it as it is as they shared with us the road that led them to their love-filled turquoise themed wedding that has a touch of tangerine.

Supplier spotlight: Church – Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Church, Alabang hills | Reception – Versailles Palace, Alabang | Preparations – The Bellevue Manila | Photographer – Don Tapan Photography | Videographer – The Rewind Media | Caterer – k. by cunanan catering | OTD Coordinator – Events by Thoffy | Host – Martin DeVera | Bridal Gown – Bride House | Groom’s Suit – Paulo Lazaro | Entourage gowns – Amonn Velasco | HMUA – Toni Aviles The Make-up Artist and Realm Hmu | Wedding Rings – Meicel Jewelry | Florist – Dangwa florist | Lights and Sounds –  Rejectkrew Professional Lights & Sounds by Elmer Bautista | LCD Screen – Metrotech Projector | String Quartet –  The Manila String Machine w/ Raymond Salvador and Sarah Jane Amada   | Wedding Cake – Hearts and Bells | Photoman – Photoman | Unity Coins – Endless Treasures | Crew Meals – Gourmeal | Letter Standees – Limeworks Life-Size Letters | Invitation Layout – Paper Cat  | Invitation Printing – PRINT & CO. | Guests’ Souvenirs – Kimochi Aroma Pillows |Princicpal Sponosors Favors – Alunsina Handbound Books and ANMA Lifestyle | Entourage Favors – Iconic Socks and THERAPYBAGS |Groom’s Shoes – Black Wing Shoes | Cake Topper – Loft DesignPersonalized Hangers – Calligraffi

What do you think of this lovely turquoise themed wedding? Don’t forget to share this with your soon-to-wed friends still thinking of how to go abour planning their wedding!

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