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What’s Your Favorite Wedding Ring Shot?

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If you’re into weddings, you’ve probably browsed a lot of inspiration blog sites and have seen different styles on how to shoot wedding rings: from a traditional way, contemporary or even rebellious. However it was done, weddings remain the same: they’re BEAUTIFUL.

They say you should pick your photographer that best resonates your personality. And we totally agree with that! Are you the romantic one, the quirky type or adventurous? Who could show your personality better than the photographer you hired for your wedding? Right?
So here are some of the wedding ring shots we’ve gathered from photographers around the Philippines.

Which ring shot suits your personality the most

What style of Ring Shot do you prefer?

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  • If I may, as an amateur photographer myself, I think that some of these pictures are not as great because they don’t focus on the rings themselves. I would choose a neutral background and a soft light, to make the ring stand out. I know how hard it is to photograph rings, I did it before too.

  • I have a somehow different take looking at photos of the wedding rings primarily because I am separated pending the release of our annulment papers. 🙂 Having said that, a wedding ring is a symbol and it is what comes with it that is more important than the material side.

    • topknotters

      Totally agree with you there, Robert. 🙂

  • Interesting post, I never would have thought of creating a post like this. But yeah, now that I think about it, I guess wedding photographers really do have to have the same personality as you. Like, personally, I’ve very camera shy, so I’m probably not going to do emote shots. As for the rings, I think I like the one with bokeh most, or the ants one. Haha! I guess that shows what type of person I am? 😛

    • topknotters

      Hi Bettina, believe me , you can do emote shots. It’s just a matter of choosing the right photographer that you’d be comfortable with. I’ve had many couples that say they don’t know how to act in front of the camera, but with proper direction and posing, they nailed it.

      You’re probably very adventurous if you chose the ring with the ants. 🙂 Am i right?

  • When it’s my time to get married, I know the ring shot will be important to me. I also love taking photos and I’ll definitely be picky with my ring shot concept. I want my wedding to have a travel theme so maybe the idea would revolve there. Love all the photos/concepts here except the one with ants.

  • I didn’t ever have a ring shot before. Having the hands in the rings was more important for me but now I want one of these! They are a beautiful picture. My favorite picture was the Photo by Lawrence Tapalla Photography. The simple vision of the ring on the white was beautiful and classic which is what I love.

  • The ring of Lawrence tapalla is my favorite. The light fall is fun to see. I agree that the pictures aren’t that amazing because the lense that is used make some of the rings blurred too much in my opinion.
    However the one I pick, looks simple but stylish.

  • Photo by Geeyo Bonuan is the one i like the most. It’s simple but pretty. I like the contrast between the blue and red.

  • LoL , I am not into weddings , but very much into jewellery . I couldn’t make my mind up , I like most of these rings . I think my fav shoot is the black/white one from Oak St Studios . But what to me was very remarkable is the style of this website , very clean and quiet , inviting to stay !

  • When I don’t have anything else to do, I browse the internet for unique ring designs. These are lovely. And the shots are so perfectly done.

  • Ane

    I have no idea how to take a decent picture of anything, except my face, lol, having said that, I think all those shots of rings, look amazing!

  • I like most of the wedding ring shots. I’m definitely a fan of weddings and when I get married i would want to document even the symbols of our marriage beautifully like these rings.

  • I like the 8th photo. 🙂 the shot with ants has a great concept too. i see ring shots by a friend who is a photographer and he is good. 🙂

  • I think I would go with the one for Lawrence Tapalla. It exudes simplicity but the intricate designs of the ring really shows off!

  • I’d probably take a shot next to my favorite dish 😀 haha

  • Wow all photos are nice for me. Ill go for extreme details. Love the one with water effect.

  • Jenny

    I think all pictures looks absolutely amazing. But even though they are beautiful, I do think that rings belongs on a finger 🙂 But it’s definitely nice looking art, good job!

    Have a great day!
    Jenny Holmquist