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3 Important Steps Before Booking Your MakeUp Artist

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Everyone already knows why you should hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding day but no one really knows what they should be doing before booking the makeup artist.

There are hundreds of makeup artists in Manila and if you don’t know where to begin your search, it can get pretty overwhelming. Heck, I’m a makeup artist and I’ve lost count of how many we are already.

Here are a few steps that might help you before booking your makeup artist:

1) Stalker Mode On

You need to whip out your inner stalker skills when hunting for the right Wedding Makeup Artist and please don’t tell me you’ve never stalked your high school crush. There is a stalker in all of us.

Use hashtags to jumpstart your search in social media. Some popular hashtags you might want to try using are #weddingsmanila, #weddingmakeupartist, #bridalmakeup, #bridalmakeupartist, #weddingsph and #airbrushmakeup. If you already have a list of make up artists to choose from, go find online reviews about them and ask your married friends and relatives for feedback. You definitely have a friend (or two) who’s already married so don’t be afraid to ask her about her make up artist and if he or she is any good.

Find out if they’re on time because you don’t want your makeup artist to be late on your wedding day and end up rushing your makeup. Find out if they clean their brushes, sanitize their products and if they’re hygienic because the last thing you want is a bunch of disgusting warts growing on your face. Find out if they are easy and pleasant to work with because your makeup artist is the first wedding supplier to arrive in your hotel room. You are definitely going to absorb his or her energy.

You need to find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Follow them so you can see if their makeup style is what you’re looking for. It has to fit your personality and of course, you have to like it. Do enough research before booking a trial session with your makeup artist. Remember, trials aren’t free so it’s best to narrow your options to a maximum of 3.

2) Have a Trial

It’s very important to schedule a trial session with your makeup artist because the trial run is a preview of what you will look like on your wedding day. No trial means no sneak peak into what your look is going to be. This also means that you’re forced to be happy with your look, regardless of the outcome. If you’re a hands-on bride who pays attention to small details, I highly suggest you have a trial before booking your Wedding Make Up Artist.

The trial gives you a chance to express your desired makeup look and explain your type of skin. Are you oily, dry or combination? Are you allergic to certain makeup brands? It also gives your makeup artist a chance to assess your skin and study your facial features way before your wedding day, under no time pressure whatsoever.

make-up, face chartDuring the trial, you should show your makeup artist some pegs of makeup you wish for him or her to draw inspiration from. Show a photo of your dress and your bouquet too. The more details you show about your wedding, the more inspired your makeup artist will be.

Your makeup artist, after she’s done doing your makeup, should write down all the products he or she used on you. Usually, it is written down on a face chart or continuity chart.

This is the face chart I use during all my trials. I bring the same face chart on the wedding day to serve a guide.

If your makeup artist doesn’t take note of the products that were used, how is she or he going to remember what products to use on your wedding day? Remember, trials happen 3-6 months before the big day so unless your makeup artist has 100% memory skills, I highly suggest he or she takes note of it all.

3) Contract Signing

When you find the right Wedding Make Up Artist, it is important you book him or her as soon as possible. We are often booked a year in advance. In fact, some weddings in 2018 are already booked

make-up, down payments

 in 2016. There aren’t a lot of weekends in a year – 8 weekends in a month, 96 weekends in a year. It’s a race, I tell you. Unahan is the name of the game.

Be ready to make a down payment if you want your date saved. My policy is No Down Payment,No Save The Date. I also don’t accept pencil bookings because I have to be fair to my brides who pay on time. It’s first come, first serve.

I recently posted this on my IG account as a gentle reminder to those asking if I can pencil book them without a down payment.

After you’ve made the down payment, ask for a contract because it helps keep everyone clear on payment terms and expectations. My contract also explains my cancellation policies, when to settle the remaining balance and it discusses crew meal arrangements or meal allowance budget.

I think you shouldn’t book anyone without a contract. It protects you and weeds out shady makeup artists.

How about you? What are the other important steps that you think brides should do before booking a makeup artist?

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  • 96 weekends in a year, and for non-Chinese (or those who do not follow Feng Shui), 96 weekends is a TON! Hahaha. For Chinese who follow Feng Shui, there are only a few weekends to choose from.

    It is a good advise. Booking in advance and having a trial is the way to go, to avoid cramming and mistakes.

    • Hi Robert, yes that’s true! Booking in advance and having a trial is always a great idea!

  • Oohh trial sessions, that’s something I don’t think a lot of people actually do. But that’s right, it is important, and having pegs will also help. I’m not yet married, so I’ll try to remember this for when I finally walk down the aisle.

    • topknotters

      One good advice too is to have your trial make-up during your prenup session that way, you’re actually saving money and time. 🙂

    • Hi Bettina, I love pegs! They help a lot.

  • I remember when we were about to get married, my wife was going crazy browsing through multitudes of portfolios of make up artists. We relied on testimonials and referrals from friends and suppliers. Yep, we also had a trial run which was good because the artist was able to understand well what my wife wanted.

    • topknotters

      Good Job on the trial makeups. Nobody likes bad surprises on their wedding day 😛

    • Hi Ivan, nice to hear that your wife had a trial. It really helps!

  • This is so fun to read about because I didn’t have a makeup artist for my wedding! I was the makeup artist. We don’t have the same customs here that you do there but I would have loved to have one! I definitively agree on the trial before the big day. My sister had a trial for her hair and good thing she did because it did not go well at all. I think you only get married once (if you are lucky!) and so you want the day to be perfect!

  • I wish I knew about this sooner. Good thing my session did not turn up to be a disaster. This post is super helpful. I especially like the advice on making a contract since it protects you from gray areas.

  • This is a good advice for choosing a good makeup artist. We really have to make sure that we got the right one because if not, we might regret it that we didn’t look gorgeous on the day of our wedding. Well, I didn’t got married yet but when that happens, I will take note your tips.

  • I liked how you emphasised planning by encouraging people to count the number of weekends left (instead of calendar days) before the big day. Likewise, times has changed indeed. It used to be, the most “kikay” relative or friend takes on the role of make-up artist for the bride.

  • Never tried but at least now I have a guidance before doing too. I agree, contract can save or can kill you in any engagement so better check it in details. 😉 Better enjoy your make-up and your day without any hassle.

  • The bride’s makeup can make or break the wedding day–i think perfect makeup is just as important as the wedding dress! Thanks for these tips!

  • Wow!! Thank you so much for sharing this one. I might be needing a makeup artist next week and this tips are great.

  • Trial sessions and of course googling. I would recommend that. Also, if you already have a list, check their facebook pages. and of course, the rates. 🙂

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