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Engagement Session in Dubai and Tagaytay: Kenneth and Remalyn

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Most of us don’t dare dream of having a double prenup shoot. But to have an engagement session in Dubai AND Tagaytay, two famous cities separated by vast lands and seas—now that’s something you don’t hear often.

Double prenups seem like something only celebrities can aspire for—what with the practicalities of building a home after your wedding looming over your shoulder.  Kenneth and Remalyn, who are both based in Dubai, had set their minds on doing just one in the Philippines, where they were getting married and where all their suppliers were.  They never dreamt they would be having their shoot done, not just in Tagaytay but also in Dubai, at the place where their love story began! The unplanned engagement session in Dubai was a sweet surprise that fate, as well as the Freshminds Photography team, had conjured for them. The couple were so grateful to their dream team’s generosity for this rare opportunity, a truly unforgettable Top Knotter moment.

“The original plan was to shoot solely in the Philippines. But it turned out that Freshminds was joining a bridal fair in Dubai. They came up with the idea to shoot our prenup in both countries—one where we met and where our road to forever began, and the other where we would be tying the knot.”

From the very beginning, the couple knew they wanted to prioritize their photos because these were mementos they could keep even after the wedding had long passed.

“A friend told me that I shouldn’t mind investing on photos and videos because when we get older and have kids, these will remind us how much we love each other. These photos are priceless possessions that we will forever treasure.”

While some couples might choose to do away with the engagement session, a lot also believe that it’s a must. Great memories can also be made during the shoot. Plus, you’ll get to know your dream teams before the wedding itself, allowing you to be comfortable around them and in front of the camera!

Engagement Session in Dubai

But even with this unexpected blessing, the couple knew they would still incur a few additional expenses. To cut down on these, they kept props for the engagement session in Dubai to a minimum. This also allowed the innate splendour of the city to shine through. They then got the help of friends, who were not only their stylists but their cheerleaders and pick-me-uppers as well.

”We were lucky to have our friends with us from the planning and execution of the whole engagement session in Dubai. It was exhausting because it was just me, my sister, and our friends. But we were grateful because they were behind us every step of the way.”

Prenup Shoot in Tagaytay

Once the couple had arrived in the Philippines, things got easier as they had a full team to help with their e-session at the Forest Bard. Yvonne Camay was also on-board to style their shoot. It was a decision that proved to be another big check as it lessened their worries and stress during preparations. Yvonne was definitely a great addition to the couple’s growing dream team of Top Knotters!

“From the budget-friendly venue to the  concept, I just relayed to her what I wanted my prenup to be like. She exceeded my expectations! She planned everything to turn out the way I had wanted.”


Practical Planning Tips

After their double engagement session in Dubai and Tagaytay, Kenneth and Remalyn were only too happy to share their insights with other couples planning for their own.

1. Prepare Early

Start your preparations at least two weeks before the shoot. This can help prevent issues like forgetting to bring items you need.

2. Be brave and experimental

This is a chance for you to try things that you don’t normally do (or wear)! Instead of choosing your normal pastels, consider using a brighter palette to bring life and variety to your layouts. Be brave enough to at least have one layout showing a different side of you and your fiancé.

3. Loosen Up

Try to have fun on your prenup shoot. Embrace your crazy side and step out of your comfort zone once in a while!

On their experience of having a double engagement session in Dubai and Tagaytay, the couple have this to say:

“Having a prenup in two different countries was really tiring. But every time we looked at our photos and videos, we smile and can say it was all worth it. The photos really reflect the love we have for each other.”

Now if that’s not a reason to have one (or two) engagement session, we don’t know what is!

Supplier Spotlight: Dubai Prenup Photo/Video: Freshminds Digital Photography | HMUA: Maricel Mirasol | Philippines Prenup Venue: The Forest Barn | Photo/Video: Freshminds Digital Photography | Stylist: Yvonne Camay

What do you think about having Engagement Sessions on two different countries? Where would you want to have it?

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