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Simple Cafe Proposal: Kenneth and Aren

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All husbands-to-be should be willing to go the extra mile for their potential wives—and Kenneth was no exemption. But before preparing for his heartfelt yet simple cafe proposal, he first prepared himself to become the best version of himself and a worthy lifetime partner to Aren.

Kenneth and Aren were classmates at their high school in Batangas, nothing more. Although they did share a weird scenario during Physics wherein Aren asked Kenneth to hold an ice cube that wasn’t connected to their class experiment at all. You’d think this quirky moment would’ve led to some sparks. But it wasn’t until they became classmates again in college when they actually became close friends. And slowly, their friendship developed into a something that looked and felt a lot like love.

Ten years into their relationship, on February 5, 2017, Kenneth proposed to Aren and made a promise of forever.  But it wasn’t just the proposal he had been preparing for all those years.

“I promised myself and my parents I would become a full-fledged lawyer before entering marriage… Aren and I have been through a lot of experiences, good and bad. And I believe that we’ve grown enough to take the next step in our relationship.”

After asking Aren’s parents for their blessings, Kenneth gathered all their close friends and family for this intimate celebration of love. He brought them to his and Aren’s favorite hangout—Hot and Cold Cafe—for the simple cafe proposal he had been planning.

The Simple Cafe Proposal: What Went Down

It happened on a Sunday, a laidback day for Aren but a busy one for Kenneth.  There weren’t any special plans, and there was nothing happening out of the ordinary. Well, nothing much.

“Clara, one of my closest friends, told me there was a dinner buffet at Hot and Cold Café. But when I checked their Facebook page, there was no such event that day. Clara constantly asked about my whereabouts, which was not normal. Also, all the members of my family went out that day which was unusual because Arcole, my youngest brother, doesn’t usually leave our house.”

So it’s safe to say that Aren had a hunch. But she enjoyed every bit of it and just let Ken follow his plan so they could have the perfect yet simple cafe proposal that they did.  To help them relive the irrepeatable moment, Kenneth brought on Anthony Co to take photos, and Christian Andaya to shoot the proposal film.

Proposal Dos and Don’ts

Kenneth and Aren share the following tips for couples who are about to enter this stage of their relationship:

“For the guys, don’t proceed with the proposal without the blessing of your respective parents even though you are both of marrying age. Your parents will become members of your family after the marriage. Also, you don’t need to make the proposal extravagant.  Focus on how you can make your girlfriend the happiest lady on that day (and all the days after). “

“For the ladies, let your guys do their part in surprising you. Don’t be makulit and pressure your guy. Don’t automatically assume his acts are pertaining to the proposal because it will be stressful for both of you. Just let it flow and enjoy the moment when it finally arrives.”

From their ice cube-holding days to their simple cafe proposal at Hot and Cold Cafe, it seems temperature plays some part in Kenneth and Aren’s relationship. Maybe, just maybe, it means that no matter if they’re feeling hot or cold towards each other, they’ll love each other no matter what—in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health.  Call us cheesy, but that’s exactly the kind of love we want. *sigh*

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QUESTION: What do you think of fuss-free engagements such as this simple cafe proposal? Yay or Nay?

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