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Qatar Prenup: A Romantic Escapade for Benedict & Jette

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When you live far from your family, you want them to know how youre doing, even share about your romantic escapades, specially if its one that will lead to you walking down the aisle.

In a way, Benedict & Jette have immortalized theirs not just for themselves but for their families in choosing to have their engagement session in Doha, Qatar where the couple is currently based.

The venue that we chose are few of the tourists spots around Doha, Qatar. Since we reside in Qatar for a few years now, we want to focus on the location that we enjoy as a couple whenever we get our free time and also show our friends and family in the Philippines on what Qatar has to offer.

Its a lovely way of sharing their life abroad and love for each other to other  people who love them as well. Oh how their story comes to life with the engagement photos & save the date video by Ram Marcelo Photography and Hello and Co. Cinema, respectively.

It must give their family much comfort and joy to see how happy Benedict & Jette are in having each other in a distant land theyve come to have as their second home.

Having exciting sights, sceneries, photos & videos must have been an interesting experience for the soon-to-weds. Souq Waquf, The Pearl and Inland Sea are definitely interesting locations in the country that makes for a perfect setting of a romantic escapade.

Understandably a tiring experience, shooting all locations in one day, Benedict & Jette shares how they enjoyed their entire prenup experience.

We made sure that we make the most out of it and enjoy the experience. Our experience with our photographer and videographer were fabulous. There was never a time that we felt shy in front of the camera. It also helped that we managed to get to know each other a few days before the actual shoot. They made us feel comfortable and it all felt natural. It feels like we are a group of friends doing a fun shoot. It actually showed in the pictures and video that we were having fun and enjoying the experience. Phoebe and Ram are great with what they do and on how they treat their clients. The makeup artist and hairstylist that polished our looks were great too. Team Artist (Doha Based Make-up Team) made sure that the make-up and hairstyle will stay with very minimal retouch. It actually lasted for 14 hours considering the heat and wind that we had to go through all day.

Whats also quite amazing about this romantic escapade cum destination prenup is that the save the date video is actually the work of a one-woman team. And we love both how the photos & video came out.

While bringing together the right suppliers for your prenup session is key to getting the kind of prenup that you want, there are other things to consider while preparing for your prenup; specially if its one that will be in a foreign destination. Benedict & Jette shares how the following considerations would’ve been a lot of help during their prenup session.

1. Consider the weather. 

Bring items that can help keep you cool & fresh if you’re in a warm location.

“Qatar is a desert country. You could imagine the heat that we had to experience all day. (It could reach 50 degrees Celsius in Qatar during summer season).” 

2. Have another person to assist you. 

A willing friend would help make the day even more fun & memorable.

“It would have been great to have someone with you to assist in changing outfits, carry your stuff while filming, and sew your dress when the zipper got ripped even before the shoot starts! Which we did not have on that day.”

The couple enthuses, however, that despite it all, it didn’t hinder them from enjoying the moment. For this, they’re thankful to the ‘magic hands & eyes’ of their knotters, Ram, Phoebe (of Hello & Co.) and Team Artist.

What is a romantic escapade without a few glitches here & there, right? As with relationships, its the little imperfections that add a bit of spice and excitement. Of course, whats important is what we take away from these glitches & imperfections to improve ourselves & enrich our relationship. To acknowledge each others short comings yet love and accept each other unconditionally is such a great way to start forever isnt it? This as well as showing to your friends, family & the world, the love youve decided to cherish & commit to for as long as you both shall live.

Supplier Spotlight- Photo: Ram Marcelo Photography | Video: Hello & Co. Cinema | Hair & Make up: Team Artist (Doha, Qatar) | Yacht: Ronautica 6 East (M/Y Abo Omar – Azimut 50)4×4: Pinoy Offroaders Qatar

Now, won’t you love to go on a romantic escapade such as this?

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