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Timeless and Passionate Prenup in Anawangin

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Going for that timeless and passionate feel for this prenup session, Arbie and Kim chose a place away from the rapid pace of the city. With nature as their backdrop and no props in sight, the couple was a definite standout, contrasting (in a good way) with their almost rustic background.

Timeless and passionate was what Arbie and Kim were aiming for.  And Anawangin, with its raw beauty, was the perfect match for the couple’s strong and intense personalities.

“We chose Anawangin because it’s not the typical prenup location and we love the ambiance, the nature, the rock formation, and the lake. You can find it all there. We both love the beach and wanted something different, unusual, and of course, a theme that suits our personality.”

Doing the session with Arbie and Kim was guaranteed to be timeless and passionate especially with the help of an incredible team that made sure the experience would be unforgettable. With the right styling and direction, it created a dramatic feel and tone.

“It was our dream team: Mike and Myio, Cinemaworks, Styling by Yvonne Camay, Hair and Make-Up by Mel and Matt. They are all talented, smart, and professional. Name it! They are the people we will treasure and won’t forget. I appreciate the effort, how they guided and styled everything. I really believe that when you find the right team that fits your theme, it’s different. The whole experience is unforgettable, exciting, and challenging; it’s something that you know will not be the last one.”

Of course, doing a prenup session is one of those memories that you’d want to last a lifetime. After all, the pictures are not only for showing during the reception or printing on the Save-the-Dates, but are also something that you’d want to show you future children and grandchildren. So if you do decide to have an engagement shoot, make sure you put your heart into it, just like our featured couple!

Arbie and Kim shared a couple of tips to make a prenup session a timeless and passionate one.

  1. Don’t go with the trend. It doesn’t have to be expensive nor does it have to involve the well-known suppliers.

  2. Determine what you both desire in a theme and what fits both personalities. You can either go with your soft and gentle side or your strong and passionate side. It’s easier to face the camera when you are true to yourself. You’ll appreciate the outcome more if you are also more natural.

And it’s as simple as that. Just like our featured couple, we support the idea that an engagement session doesn’t need to be extravagant. As long as you are armed with a great team and you get to enjoy the session, then it’s bound to be memorable and beautiful.

Supplier Spotlight: Photographer: Icebox Imaging | Video: Cinemaworks | Styling: Yvonne Camay | Makeup: Mel Belgica | Hair: Matt Paguio | Designer: Mak Dela Pena | Accessories: Christopher Munar | Shoes: Jojo Bragais

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