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Cozy Weather Rockwell Loft E-Session: Yzak & Eliz

Rockwell Loft, Oak St Studios

There’s something special about this indoor Rockwell Loft E-session. Usually, prenup themes revolve around things that depict interests a couple has in common, a fantasy theme they want to bring to life, a snapshot of memorable moments from the past or a fashion spread based on their current taste or aspired styles.


At the onset, this particular set seems to have a theme that simply combines all those mentioned, revolving around a cozy bed-weather day. Apparently, this setting & styling for Yzak & Eliz is an insight to the kind of life they want to have together once they tie the knot. Suddenly the images carry much more weight & meaning when we discovered the reason for choosing this venue & styling.

“A modern/industrial loft is actually our dream house. We even share a secret Pinterest board filled with decorating ideas for a loft.”

Rockwell Loft, Oak St Studios

What makes this set special is how they decided to depict a concrete dream of theirs in their e-session. Not the bucket-list type of dream one crosses out of their list once achieved. But the kind of dream that captures how they want their everyday life and relationship to be like.  It seems to bode well for them that things went by smoothly for them during the shoot itself. When we asked about their prenup experience, all they can say is that it was:


Relaxed and not pretentious. Since it’s indoor and airconditioned, sweating and retouching were not a problem. We maximized the time to just shoot. We did not feel like we were “projecting” or posing for the camera as we were just doing the things we really love doing together – reading and enjoying our coffee.

Rockwell Loft, Oak St Studios

Their tips for soon-to- weds on how to better prepare for a prenup session?

Be yourself! Think about what you love doing together. Or you could take reference from a shared dream.

I can see how these images would be something for them to cherish as a documentation on how they chose to look at their future together with the same lens. It’s something they can look back on to anchor themselves on that vision they had for themselves in the beginning.

Talking about vision, it’s been said that an exercise that helps make your dreams come true is to lay out a concrete image of what you want to attain or achieve and just keep that image with you to inspire you, let go and just be surprised when you realize your dream has come true. Well, it seems Yzak & Eliz has something for their shared dream board. Don’t be surprised if one day you’ll be invited to their home which would look like the photos you’ve seen here.

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Supplier Spotlight: Photography: Oak St. Studios | Hair and Makeup : Nhot Bituin and Eliz Juane of Real Make Up Artistry Studio
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  • Sa lahat ng nakita ko na pre nup, this one is the best of them all. Why? It is what they would be doing as a couple. It is what their life is going to be like. Real. Fantasy themes are nice, pero realism beats fantasies any day.

    GOOD JOB! #AmazingLifeDaily

  • Sam

    This urban take on the prenup is awesome. It has always been the hipster summer dresses and muji hats. It’s nice to see something more laid-back and casual. But at the same time, not sexy-in-lingerie kind.

  • Laveena Sengar

    This is amazing. Reality Beats fantasy world anyday. What an amazing work with the pictures. Great post

  • Nilyn EC Matugas

    Made me remember our prenup! 🙂 This one looks really nice, laid back and real! Congratulations to this lovely couple! May God bless their upcoming wedding and their marriage.

  • Berlin Domingo

    I do not want to flatter anyone of false praises as I would always want to speak of the truth. This set of prenuptial photos is just so beautiful. As in. It is the life, I believe, they will have after the marriage- confined in a space they will call their home. Each picture speaks of love – the very same reason they decided to tie the knot. Love the concept. Love the photos.

  • Never seen a prenup like this and I love love love the concept! Just simple but somehow the photos speak volume. I can definitely feel their love. Amazing!!!

  • Idk why but this is one of my fave prenup shoots. This is so chill! It’s just like an ordinary day but it’s also the start of a new chapter in their lives. The captures are just amazing.

  • leonamanutd

    Nice this theme of photography is really cool and I love it Becoz it looks like what a marriage is going to be like spent in the house together with joy most of the time

  • Yogo Cream

    I love this photo shoot as it depicts the personality of the couple and displays how comfortable they are with each other. As for their advice of think of what we love doing together, yes, I really think in our future pre-nuptial, we’ll end up doing eating and traveling. Or something with blogging in the equation too. Anyway, this is an inspiring pre-nuptial. We’ll take note of their advice. -Me-An Clemente of

  • Michelle Adriano

    This is just so unique! First time thag I’ve seen pre-nup photos as relaxed as theirs. Often it would be outdoors, on the grass or a classy building in Tagaytay, diba? Hehe. I really love their theme plus the rain effect seen outside the windows made it a lot more cozy. I admire these couple for coming up with such an easy theme for their pre-nup. It speaks a lot about them indeed. 🙂

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