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Mahogany Place Tagaytay Prenup: Richard & Hazel

It’s often said that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Being in a long-distance relationship five out of their six years together, you can see how Richard and Hazel cherished every moment of their Mahogany Place Tagaytay prenup. How else would you spend a day meant for capturing such an important time in your life?

We sensed how much Richard and Hazel enjoyed their Mahogany Place Tagaytay prenup when they gave us the details of their experience and other useful tips. We’re sharing these with you so to take note! You never know if it’ll help you prepare for your own engagement session.

 Executing their theme

5 years physically apart didn’t keep Richard and Hazel from getting to know each other. So when it came to deciding on what theme they wanted for their prenup, they were already in sync. They made sure that it matched their personality. Richard and Hazel were admittedly neither adventurous nor beach lovers, so those weren’t options anymore. Honestly, they just wanted to wear formal clothes!

Now agreeing on an overall theme is already half the battle. But executing the details is a different story altogether. That’s why, for their Mahogany Place Tataytay prenup, Richard and Hazel collaborated with a stylist. Marxie Dy came up with two mood boards for them to choose from based on their Romantic Minimalist Glam theme.

“I thought we could pull this one off on our own! We thought, ‘choosing clothes is easy’. Margaux did an amazing job on tempering our inconsistent ideas. She sent us her mood boards and shopped for three hours to help us find the right clothes.” 

Hazel shared a useful tip they got from Marxie that can also help soon-to-weds when planning their own wardrobes.

“Inspiration not imitation. If you think that one bride looked amazing in her red, flowy gown, make yours a little different. Why not make it royal blue– or in my case–emerald green. Girly in black. Don’t be afraid to go outside your usual favorite color. Something that your friends will not expect you to wear but will look great on you.”

If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of having to consider these and so many other details, then your suppliers can come to the rescue! That’s why it’s so important that you think them through carefully.

“Thanks to our creative team, we managed to pull off an engagement photo shoot that truly reflects our personality as as a couple.”

Selecting suppliers for their Mahogany Place Tataytay prenup

We have got a wealth of creative talent in the Philippines, there’s no denying the fact! But finding the right supplier is still challenging because you’re often choosing between some amazing people in the first place. As you go through different prenup and wedding photos or videos (like the many ones on this site), remember that it’s also a highly personal decision. It’s not necessarily always about who has the most features or the highest rates.

For Richard ang Hazel, choosing their suppliers involved a combination of research and gut feel. Of course, it helps that they already knew what theme they wanted.

“We booked Polk Studios because they had some good reviews. But more than that, we found his shots natural, bright, and romantic. We both experienced a ‘this is it feeling every time we reviewed his work. James is very professional and attentive to our online inquiries and he personally met with us to show albums and to discuss the contract.”

It’s refreshing, too, how they took a ‘calculated chance’ on working with new suppliers.

“Marxie Dy. She is very dedicated in making us BOTH look good. For a beginner in prenup shoots, she did amazing.”

Lucky for Richard and Hazel, they were able to get awesome arrangements from some of their suppliers. The Mahogany Place in Tagaytay is actually their reception venue. Fortunately for them, they didn’t have to look far and were able to use this lovely place as their prenup venue — for free.

Aside from that, their save-the date-videographer, Marvin Barbarona, had a bit of a treat up his sleeve and brought them to a second secret location in Tagaytay so that they could get those lovely shots with the sunset. On top of that, their wedding coordinator, EMS, sent someone to assist them during their Mahogany Place Tataytay prenup too.

Don’t forget!

Aside from your theme and suppliers, you need to prepare and take care of yourself physically so that you can truly enjoy a beautiful however tiring day. Richard and Hazel had the following reminders for all soon-to-weds who’ll be going on their engagement shoot soon:

  1. If you plan to, have your hair colored two weeks before the shoot.
  2. Don’t forget to get a manicure-pedicure (for the bride) and a shave and haircut (for the groom).
  3. Sleep early! You’ll need lots of energy for the day.
  4. Bring snacks and water during the shoot.
  5. Enjoy and feel the love.

We can see how Richard & Hazel were able to cherish every moment of their prenup session, from the planning until the shoot day.

“It was fun. We were so shy at first, James and Marvin are great at their craft. They made us so comfortable. Marxie made sure our outfits complimented each other.”

If there was anything else they wanted more of during their Mahogany Place Tagaytay prenup, it was more time.

“We thought four to five hours was enough but, during the shoot, we had so many lovely moments. Sadly we had limited time and needed to transfer to catch the sunset.”

They may not have had all the time they wanted for their Mahogany Place Tataytay prenup, but at least Richard and Hazel have all the time in the world to enjoy many more lovely moments together. Congrats, you two!

Supplier Spotlight: Photographer – Polk Studios | Videographer – Marvin Barbarona | Stylist – Marxie Dy | On the day assistant – Aiza of EMS

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