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Adventure of A Lifetime: An Osmena Peak Prenup

Life is an adventure! When you throw in the memories created from the journey you made as a couple, it becomes an adventure of a lifetime.

Take for example Jay and Framel, who find so much joy in travelling. They are both wanderlusts at heart, and together they boldly embark this journey towards perhaps one of the most important events in their lives. To cement this moment further in their memories, they wanted a memorable prenup session to mark the beginning of their married life together, which is truly an adventure of a lifetime and for a lifetime.

Shying away from the usual prenup locations, the couple went on to have their session at Osmena Peak as suggested by their creative team. With the cool crisp air, the lush greenery surrounding them, the jagged rock formations, and miles and miles separating them from the chaos of the city, Jay and Framel felt the magic of the mystical Osmena Peak.

“We always find great joy in travelling. That’s mainly the reason why we chose this theme; we can be more ourselves. When we told Lex (Project LxD) about the theme, he suggested to have the shoot at Osmena Peak. We were so thrilled with his suggestion. The place reminded us so much of the day we got engaged at Marlboro Country in Sagada.”

The city may have it all, but it’s always nice to take a breather and explore more of the wonders that travelling can bring, especially if it takes you to places that lets you enjoy the comforts of the outdoors and sets you on unique adventures at the same time. Though the session became challenging because of the elements of nature, it was, as you would expect from an adventure of a lifetime, all worthwhile in the end.

“We didn’t feel like we had an engagement session; it was more like we were just on another adventure and having fun.  Project LxD did the magic amid the strong wind and thick fog. They managed to finish everything just in time before the rain poured.”

Jay and Framel wanted to make sure that the result of this session would be something they’d be happy with for the rest of their lives. It’s important to consider some important factors to make a session both memorable and enjoyable. Consider these tips from the couple to make your own engagement session personal, timeless, and, of course, crazy fun!

  1. Communicate with your spouse-to-be.

    You wouldn’t want to go into an argument about what goes on during the session. Consider each other’s opinions and input so that the session reflects both personalities.

  2. Communicate with your suppliers.

    Let them know what you want and, at the same time, listen to their input. They can give excellent directions to make an amazing overall session.

  3. Hire professionals.

    They are in the business because they know what to do. It is comforting to know that you are in good hands.

  4. Get enough rest so that no one would look tired and haggard in the photos.

  5. Be yourself and enjoy!

    Let your personalities shine through the photos to make it more natural. Also, remember that the session is one of those moments wherein you get to celebrate your love for each other so, more than looking good, just enjoy your time with each other.

Supplier Spotlight: Photographer: Project LXD

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