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Unique Prenup Video: Andy & Jenny

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For  the makers of this unique prenup video, thinking out of the box led them to think outside of the screen, literally!

We’ve seen a lot of awesome, entertaining, grand and funny prenup videos, but none really as unique and intricate as this one. It made use of the picture in picture effect through multiple iPhone screens.

It’s amazing how the whole concept for the video fell into place. It was able to capture the couple’s chemistry & common love for coffee in a light, playful & truly memorable way. Even the song, Fall in love (The Day We Never Met) by Daniel Powter, fits the video perfectly. Andy & Jenny probably watched this video over & over again from the moment they saw it.

This could just be the beginning of this type of prenup video since there a range of possibilities and concepts that can be applied using this effect. We hope to see more couples & videographers venturing into this video style (*hint*hint*). Themes can go from romantic to out of this world, depending on the personality of the couple.

The videographer

Marvin Barbarona Videography has set the bar a notch higher when it comes to unique & entertaining prenup videos.  Just thinking of how they were able to plan the shots per screen, the timings & the arrangement of the phones is mind boggling. Good thing all we really need to do is watch and be entertained. Special mention to Larry Uy Leong, the photographer who took the stills, who also has a cameo near the end of the video. (Look out for him!)

Hmmm….I wonder what other kinds of editing & video effects our wedding industry’s talented videographers would come up with next? To see what I’m raving about, just watch this video:

Andy and Jenny_AVP from Marvin Barbarona {MHARZ} on Vimeo.

Do you know of any unique prenup or wedding videos? We’d love to see them and feature them here. Just send the videos to us through submit@thetopknotters.com with the subject: Unique Wedding Videos. Can’t wait to see them!

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  • I’ve never heard of a prenup video. What a great idea. Later in marriage I’m sure you will treasure those moments we sometimes forget.

  • What a cute idea for a video. I don’t know this couple but I was still interested in watching the video because the ways they used the photos and the phones was so interesting. But what is the purpose of a prenup video? Is it just for the couple or does it get shown to people?

    • Hi Stella, the prenup video is both for the couple and their guests during the wedding. It’s usually shown during reception program.

  • Perfect! Videographers nowadays were too creative and all those tech things (editors or apps) are doing very fine. I would also love to make a creative videos like this but professionals have a way too far better ideas. Till next unique wedding video!

  • that’s really a nice and very unique concept! I think with the the kind of technology we have today wedding videographers tend to come up with so many creative ways for the couple’s prenup video.. I wonder what kind of prenup will I have with my soon to be wife (err I think I should find a girlfriend first to make that possible LOL)

    • that’s something to look forward to in the future. haha

  • Amazing idea! I wonder how long was the editing was done. Hehe. Stay in love for the couples! 🙂

    • Based on my talk with the videographer, he had to reverse engineer everything. The editing might be easier and could take only a day, it’s the sequence of the hand gestures and the planning that would really take long.

  • Literally, an out of the usual box pre-nup video. I might have heard of the idea but haven’t seen one actually. This should leave a mark on the couple since they revolutionised or changed the usual kind of a pre-nup video.

  • So cute. Even the song used is to sweet and hip. First time to see and watch this kind of pre nup video.

  • I have never heard of a prenup video but honestly I think anything wedding related is so much fun! I love that these kind of things exist because I think one thing that people can never get back is time and that moment in time when it was all beginning. I love this idea and am going to pass it along to my friends who are just getting married!

  • I’ve seen this. Super cute! We never had prenup shots or videos so I’m a bit envious. Haha.

    Nina | http://www.ninasogue.com

  • Beautiful! I just dream to have a prenup , sde and even the proposal one. But didn’t have the chance. Hoping someday I get the chance working with you. You are an amazing photographer/videographer

  • This is unique, alright! I’ve worked with Marvin Barbarona recently when I hosted one of the weddings he shot for. He’s good! I’ve worked with so many other talented videographers as well. 🙂 Philippine videographers are awesome! My favorite will always be Cinemaworks, of course (they were my videographers at our recent wedding). But this video by Marvin is awesome!

    • Ahh cool Nadine! we love Cinemaworks’ wedding films too.

  • Cool! Weddings now a days should be creative and fun! Kudos for the person behind the idea. Would definitely be wanting something creative also for my prenup in the future. Hihihi

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