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Gardens by the Bay Proposal: Joan & Ehrick

Gardens by the Bay Proposal, Singapore, Proposal

“Even before I started to court her, (I told) myself  ‘If she will be my girlfriend, I want her to be THE ONE … the girl that I would marry and spend the rest of my life with.”

With this pledge, it’s no wonder Ehrick planned a special surprise for Joan as he gave her a scenic Gardens By the Bay Proposal.

This Singapore-based couple must have found each other to be heaven sent as they both work abroad, far from their families.

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Blemish-Free Complexion: How To Achieve It On Your Wedding Day

blemish-free complexion, carmie locsin

Makeup is a wonderful thing. You know what’s even more wonderful? Makeup on a clear, blemish-free complexion.

You must be thinking, isn’t that what makeup is for? To give me skin that is smoother than a baby’s bottom? Let me give you the cold, hard truth. Makeup can and should correct all your discolorations such as dark circles underneath your eyes, redness or age spots. But sadly, it cannot flatten out bumps and fill in lines on the skin. Though it can help in making them less noticeable, makeup cannot magically even them out.  But though not all of us have been blessed with  a naturally blemish-free complexion like Pia Wurtzbach, there’s no reason for us to panic (yet)!

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Mint and Peach Wedding at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Alabang

Kevin & Mheps met in school as members of a dance troupe. Almost a decade after, from friends to lovers, they are joined in marriage in a lovely & lively mint and peach wedding. With their vows, they’ve set on their way to dance to forever together.

In Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen wrote, “To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love”. Kevin & Mhep’s story is a testament to how there is some truth to this line.

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Sacred Heart Parish Wedding: A Rustic & Vintage Feel

sacred heart parish wedding, team benitez photo

Cobi & Nathalie got hitched on a beautiful January day for their Sacred Heart Parish wedding that has a rustic vintage feel accentuated by the freshness of greens.

Looking through the photos you’ll have a sense of the happiness, love and a bit of nostalgia emanating from members of the wedding party as they celebrate the union of this lovely couple. It belies the interesting story of Cobi & Natalie being as different from each other as two people can be, yet here they are with a strong relationship and sealing this love with the vow that binds them forever.

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A Lovely & Carefree Engagement Session at Anawangin: Bryant & Jaja

To some couples, traveling together is one of the main ingredients that characterize their relationship, to others it is more of a special way to spice it up. For whatever kind of couple, having a carefree engagement session is a perfect excuse to go to a new destination for the first time together – and get awesome couple pics at that.

So that’s exactly what Bryant & Jaja did with for their own engagement session.

“Bryant and I love adventures! We like going around and seeing new places. So when we were thinking about where to shoot our prenup, he requested for any place where we both haven’t been to. Thus, we chose Anawangin. We wanted a relaxed and adventure-filled shoot with a little bit of everything: water, mountain and greens. We already knew that we’d be conscious in front of the cameras so we chose to do something fun where we can also be comfortable. It also represents our hope for more adventures together in the future!”

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Australian Prenup: Breathtaking Beaches Down Under

Australian Prenup, Photogenics Studio

Of the country down under’s many natural wonders, Jonathan & Krista found the perfect beach backdrop for their Australian prenup.

“We’ve always loved the beach and nature. We accidentally stumbled on those places when we were having a weekend away drive along the peninsula. We chose those two venues for our engagement shoot as they are almost secluded areas. It’s not where tourists would normally go but where locals normally walk along the beach and surf. We’ve always known that we like a laid-back, candid and fun shoot. No formal set-up, no props, just the pure beauty of the nature and just the two of us surrounded by it.”

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A Rustic & Blue Theme at Lucban Quezon Wedding

quezon wedding, kevin marquez photography

There’s something endearing about this Lucban, Quezon Wedding. Maybe it’s the ocean blue twist to its rustic vintage-y vibe or the chihuahua with its own lace collar, I can’t put a finger on it for sure. But certainly, King and Nica’s lovely wedding is the perfect culmination of the love so certain that is shared between them.

Both having been from a long-term relationship, they were probably already pretty sure of what they wanted in a lifetime partner. Though unexpected, it didn’t take much time for them to realize that whatever it is they were looking for was just in each other. Nica shares their story that started from being workmates to lovers.

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From Friendship And Love To Forever: Karen & Jayson’s Wedding

friendship and love, efjay de leon,

For Karen & Jayson whose journey together began with friendship and love, their wedding day was a long-awaited one.

From all the way back in college, theirs was a long engagement that withstood the test of time.

“Jayson and I started as college friends back in 2005. There was nothing really special during that time until we found ourselves in love with each other two years later [2007]. One of the things that we’re proud of is, our relationship was built with friendship. We took our time to get to know each other very well and didn’t rush things. And we believe, this is why our relationship has gotten stronger in the past 8 years.”

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