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Two Gardens Prenup: A Timeless Romance

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Love is timeless and so is the theme for Camille & Adrian’s Two Gardens prenup in Tagaytay.

“We envisioned to be a classy, romantic and timeless engagement session. The elements of light, softness and romance were incorporated to perfectly capture our personalities and illustrate the love we share for each other.”

We can’t help but note how Two Gardens provided the perfect backdrop for this couple’s chosen theme. The romantic, timeless vibe of the place sets the stage for the lovebirds as they endeavor to have their love captured in such classy imagery. And how can it not? When the choice for the venue was not just a matter of ticking of a list of things to prepare for the engagement shoot, but a decision that spurred from the heart of the couple as well?

“We chose Two Gardens, Tagaytay because of its dreamy ambiance. Yes, there are so many gorgeous locations but after seeing Two Gardens, we couldn’t help but to fall in love with it right away! Parang love at first sight lang!”

That’s probably why throughout this set we see such lovely smiles on these two. You’d think the whole Two Gardens prenup was just like a walk in the park for them. Normally shoot’s aren’t really as easy,  but it’s always something couples are thankful to have and do together.

“We have to say it was energy draining (plus your jaw muscles can become stiff and sore at times!) but totallyyyy WORTH IT!!! The whole prenup experience transported us to the beginning of our love story with all the butterflies, daisies and beautiful things!”

Going through the photos we find ourselves going back and forth, if not through time, through much loved iconic love stories. The sets seem to take me through An Affair To Remember, Somewhere in Time and When Harry Met Sally. There’s just that certain vibe in each set. Lovely as the photos turned out, if there’s anything the couple paid attention to more as they prepared for this shoot, it’s this:

“We wish to have paid more attention to getting enough sleep to avoid getting those ‘sleepy eyes’ during the shoot.”

This serves a a good reminder, too, for those planning their own engagement session to get enough sleep before the scheduled engagement session.  Sleepy eyes or not, it’s lovely how these two hearts have come together and decided to capture their love in a classic romantic engagement session before they seal their love at the altar.

Supplier Spotlight: Photo: Daniel Talavera Photography | Decor: Moki Gray | Gown: Vania Romoff | Make up: Katch Mejias | Hair: Aica Latay

What do you think of this lovely Two Gardens prenup in Tagaytay? Are you reminded by other iconic love stories by it?

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