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The Walking Dead Prenup Video: Oliver & Mitch

Here’s a different but quite timely prenup theme what with the new season of The Walking Dead having aired this week and All Souls’ Day just around the corner.

Normally, prenup sessions are a chance to glam up and have sweet, romantic photos and/or videos taken. Some couples, however, don’t mind adding a bit of gore and fright in their prenup session for a different kind of twist.

The Walking Dead, Photos by Arlene Briones (L) and Team Benitez Photo (R)

Move Over Romantic Picnic Prenup Themes (Photos by Arlene Briones (L) and Team Benitez Photo (R))

Not only are there prenup photos with zombies, but there’s a prenup film with those as well. One such is that of Michelle & Oliver, Oliver being a ‘big fanatic’ of TWD series. Because of this they just had to make their prenup one that involved the ‘undead’, so to speak.

The concept appears to be deeper than just having a series-inspired theme. There must be a reason why the title of the prenup film is ‘undying’ and not ‘undead’.  Here, they depicted undying love not in a romantic setting, but in a gory, suspense-filled story. I think this approach strongly reflects a ‘no-matter-what-happens-no-matter-what-you-do-I-will-always-love-you’ kind of love.


The storyline was proposed to the couple by Rewind Media, the talented team behind the filming of this prenup video. What’s amazing is how this took only all of five days –though not consecutive—to finalize the concept and wrap up the shoot.  More amazing is the couple’s acting prowess. That kind of acting is not easy, but fortunately, they were ‘game’ about it and do have some acting talent.

“For me, I think I did not have a hard time acting or thinking what to act to the video because I watch ‘The Walking Dead’ every season. But for my fiancé, Michelle, even though she doesn’t watch ‘The Walking Dead’, she acted like a professional zombie killer.” – Oliver

This is one shared & immortalized experience that Oliver & Michelle will definitely look back on with pride and satisfaction. It can serve as a time capsule of sorts that would remind them of how ‘zombie’ themes are a big thing around the time they met & got married. But more importantly, it makes for a good reminder of the kind of love they should have for each other. One that would make them go through anything together, even if it meant eventually seeing some drastic changes in each other — Love that is enduring & undying.

Oliver and Michelle | Undying from Rewind Media on Vimeo.

How else can you portray your undying love for your soon-to-be-spouse in your prenup session? We’d love to hear about your ideas & stories. We’d love to hear about it. 
Supplier Spotlight: Videography: Rewind Media 

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  • Miera Nadhirah Rashidi

    i think it is such a brilliant idea and just so much fun… something different from the normal boring sweet romantic pictures…. I would so do this too in a heart beat but unfortunately my husband is not just so adventurous or sporting….

  • As someone who doesn’t watch the series, I find it so interesting. Haha. So much for the mainstream outdoor picnic themed prenup shoots. This one is really one of a kind.

  • The concept is something fresh & totally cute. It is not the typical pre-nup vids that I see so kudos to the couple for being so game with their Walking Dead vid. It’s not sappy, but the whole idea of love is still there. Prod must have had a blast working on the zombie looks of everyone. I wonder what Oliver & Michelle will tell their children in the future about the pre-nup vid.

  • Carola K

    I’m a huge fan of the Walking of Dead, so I’m really impressed by this! Excellent choice. And so original. It’s so cool that Michelle did this even though she doesn’t watch the Walking Dead. I really like the video. I think it’s very well done and really in the Walking Dead style!!

  • Richard Anthony Baldoza

    I love it! You can determine how fun and spontaneous a couple really is once you find out how they wanna shoot their pre-nup. It’s so unique though, they must be loyal Walking dead fans. I wonder what else other people will come up with. :))

  • orana velarde

    omg this is hilarious! And such a good idea! It truly is a test for time when two people can have so much fun together. Great idea, great video and great zombies!

  • Hilarious! And sooooooo cool! What great imaginations they had and I bet they had a lot of fun filming it. Totally original and yet there is an underlying message of love. Awesome.