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A Lovely & Carefree Engagement Session at Anawangin: Bryant & Jaja

To some couples, traveling together is one of the main ingredients that characterize their relationship, to others it is more of a special way to spice it up. For whatever kind of couple, having a carefree engagement session is a perfect excuse to go to a new destination for the first time together – and get awesome couple pics at that.

So that’s exactly what Bryant & Jaja did with for their own engagement session.

“Bryant and I love adventures! We like going around and seeing new places. So when we were thinking about where to shoot our prenup, he requested for any place where we both haven’t been to. Thus, we chose Anawangin. We wanted a relaxed and adventure-filled shoot with a little bit of everything: water, mountain and greens. We already knew that we’d be conscious in front of the cameras so we chose to do something fun where we can also be comfortable. It also represents our hope for more adventures together in the future!”

I’ve been to Anawangin twice and I think I know what they mean by finding a relaxed yet adventure-filled experience going to that cove. It’s quite an adventure in itself to get to  and from the cove. Then you’ll feel the excitement seeing all the greens around with the mountains and streams a short distance from the shore you land your feet on. But then again, there’s a sense of calm as well as you walk from the beach to the river and mountains, enveloped by trees with the view of the sea ever peeking in the horizon. For those who haven’t been, you can only imagine what kind of carefree engagement session this was for Bryant & Jaja. Here they share with us how it was.

“The whole prenup experience was great! We wouldn’t lie, the shoot was definitely a lot of hard work. We had to travel far and be on our way really early to maximize our shoot there. However, once we reached the island, it was a lot of fun! We even got to take a quick dip in the water and climb up the mountain with the whole team!!! Just as what we hoped for, it was also adventure-filled. From fitting into a small boat to doing hair and makeup without electricity to climbing up a mountain while wearing our respective suit and gown to crossing big waves late in the afternoon just to get home, it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.”

Oh, those waves are definitely ones to watch out for when you plan on going for an Anawangin engagements session. Make sure to secure your things in air-tight-waterproof packs just to make sure your things are kept safe. That’s one tip from me, but Bryan and Jaja has more useful tips, 7 in fact, for those  who plan on having their own carefree engagement session that they shared with us for others to take note of.

1)     Make sure your engagement session represents you as a couple.

First of all, a great prenup shoot should be one that represents both of you as a couple. It’s all about feeling so don’t choose a concept or place that ‘looks good’ rather, choose one that feels good. 

2)     Choose suppliers who you are comfortable working with.

The shoot takes a lot of time and you’ll be with your suppliers the whole day so might as well make sure that you trust them.

3)     Mind your budget.

Prenup shoots incur costs apart from the wedding especially when you do an out of town shoot so think about this early on. The shoot doesn’t have to be expensive, couples just need to find a good balance of the cost and what they want.

4)     Share responsibilities.

Organize everything and share responsibilities! Brides have the tendency to plan everything then execute them all while grooms are left in the dark when it comes to prenup shoot. Remember, this is like another event on its own so it needs two heads and four hands for it be great!

5)     Book your suppliers early.

Suppliers tend to be busy so schedule early with them so that you get an option.

6)     Bring food.

Prepare food, lots of it!

7)     Have fun!

Most importantly, have fun together! Think of the prenup shoot as one of the many experiences you’ll hold on to as a couple when your wedding is done so make sure you enjoy and fall in love again with each other!!!



Supplier Spotlight: Photography – Ralph Lee Photography | Videograpy – The Spark Series | Stylist – Style by Kiz | Hair and Makeup – Lady Bernabe and Nicole Soliven

Now don’t you just love Bryant & Jaja’s carefree engagement session photos? Don’t forget to share this with other soon to wed friends who you think will find their destination engagement session tips helpful. 

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