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An Epic Iceland Postnup Session: Francis & Margaux

Iceland Postnup, Metrophoto

Iceland wasn’t at the top of Francis & Margaux’s list of choices for their destination postnup location. It wasn’t even second! But looking through their amazing photos by the Metrophoto team, you’ll see how everything just turned out for the best.

“We’ve always talked to Oly about places on where we want to have our postnup shoot on the premise that it has to be epic. There was actually a place we’ve initially agreed on, but upon research, photoshoots aren’t allowed there pala. So we went through our bucket list again and decided na Croatia was a really beautiful but very underrated country so parang somehow very intriguing choice sya. Then as we were planning the trip, naisip na rin namin na since we’re going to travel that far na rin naman, why not include Iceland na rin to add to the ‘epicness’ of the shoot. Montenegro naman was recommended by a good friend of ours so sinama na rin namin since it’s just a two hour drive from Dubrovnik lang.”

So how was the couple’s experience for this Croatia, Montenegro and Iceland postnup shoot? I’d say they can give any Top Model a run for their money with what they went through to get the perfect shots.

“Well if we were to talk about the whole experience, we could talk for days.

To sum it up in a nutshell, it was an amazing, yet equally challenging experience. From having our baggage delayed for two days in Croatia; to having our rented car break down in Montenegro; to hanging out in a Starbucks in Cologne, Germany for 12 hours because we were there on a Sunday and all other shops were closed; to shooting in Iceland at 3 degrees celsius with some rain showers and pretty strong winds; to spending nights sleeping in the car with 6 people in Iceland. It was all in all an epic trip especially because we were also in good company kasi nga we’re really good friends na with Oly and the whole Metrophoto Family, we also gained a new good friend in Mickey See so parang it was like a barkada trip lang for a school project, so you can just imagine our reaction when we first saw the output of everything. We were blown away to say the very least.”

Don’t get me wrong, we love the shots taken in Croatia and Montenegro, but there’s something about the Iceland postnup set that makes it a bit more magical. Imagine seeing & going to places like Wizard Hat Mountain, Three Throng Waterfall,  Mossy Rocks, The Ice Beach, The Glacier Area and seeing how their photos came out, shooting at 3 degrees Celsius is worth it!

As with other stories we’ve seen and heard, a great part about destination pre or postnup shoots are the exciting, unexpected discoveries the couple & their team encounter along the way. It makes for creating more fond memories, not jut with your spouse or soon-to-be spouse, but with new friends you may find in your suppliers as well.

To couples planning for their pre or postnup session, Francis & Margaux has these three important tips to share:

  1. Take time to know your suppliers.

Establishing rapport with them would also help them see what your desired outcome is. Also, it lessens or even negates the “ilang” factor when the time to shoot comes.

  1. Know what you want, but be open to suggestions.

Most couples already know or have an idea of what they want for their shoots, but it sure doesn’t hurt if your photographer thinks of something and takes your idea up a notch.

  1. Push yourself a bit out of your comfort zone.

You’re going to get married (hopefully haha) only once in your life, and photos are the best things to remind you of it, so do something that is worth remembering, so you won’t regret the things that you wanted to do but didn’t.

We, on the other hand, have another tip that will make you enjoy & appreciate this set even more. Click on this link to view Metrophoto’s behind the scenes video of this shoot to know more about what it took to capture these images.

Supplier Spotlight: Photography: Metrophoto | Makeup: Mickey See | Grooming : The Union Station Barbershop | Suit in Dubrovnik: Boy Kastner Santos | Gowns in Dubrovnik and Kotor: Joe San Antonio | Bride’s actual Wedding Gown (used in Iceland): Veluz | Groom’s actual Wedding Tux (used in Iceland): Louis Vuitton

What do you think of this Iceland postnup session? Do you have your own special postnup adventure you’d want to share? Don’t forget to share this with friends thinking of having their own postnup adventure! 

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