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Beautiful Simplicity: The Wedding of Mark & Maan

Beautiful Simplicity

Why do we love watching SDEs so much? Hint: it’s not for the eye candy (though that helps). It’s because we get to witness the intimacy and beautiful simplicity of a couple saying “I love you’s” that last forever.

Timing is everything, they say. Fortunately for Mark & Maan, their love endured to overcome a case of wrong timing. In their SDE by Jake Olaso, the beautiful simplicity of their wedding–and love–is crystal clear.  Their is a love that has not only helped them endure over time, but also transformed them for the better.

“Mahal kita. Walang pero, walang kasi, walang dahil. With you I have been the most selfless, the most understanding, the most patient that I have ever been. Our love for each other is far greater than all the things that pushed us apart. Totoo pala ang sinasabi nilang ‘Kung kayo, kayo talaga’. If it’s God’s will, it will happen.” – Maan

“Marami na tayong beses sinubok ng pahahon. Umibig, nasaktan sa di tamang panahon, pero hindi ko na palalampasin pa ang pagkakataon na makasama ka sa pang habang panahon.” – Mark

What’s wonderful about getting a videographer to cover your wedding is how the video will help you relive your wedding day and hear yourselves say your wedding vows no matter how many times you want to.

“I have been watching our SDE almost everyday! Turning 5 months and counting! Haha! Not because feel na feel ko, but because it lessens the “homesickness”. I am currently based in Singapore. Being away from Mark now, during this newly-married phase, is more difficult compared to being away from each other before we got married. Watching our SDE somehow eases that.”- Maan

Watching Mark & Maan’s same-day edit, we love how their videographer, Jake Olaso, captured the beautiful simplicity of their special day.  What he placed on the forefront were raw emotions–the joy of the couple and of the people around them as well.


Jake shared with us his brand of storytelling, which he used for capturing Mark and Maan’s wedding day.

“When in comes to storytelling, we really like to capture kung anong nangyari that day. As much as possible, very candid lang ang kuha namin. My directive  when it comes to weddings is not to disrupt the natural flow of the day, especially sa church. Sa prep, you can still ask the couple to move here and there, but sa church, we want to be as unobtrusive as possible. Challenge din ‘yun because sa church na ‘to, the aisle was very narrow. So we had to be conscious of where we were para maiwasang matakpan namin ung guests or co-workers namin. Lagi kong sinasabi sa couple ko na we always base our film sa mood ng wedding. In this case, combination siya ng happy and emotional, and we tried to bridge them together seamlessly. We want to translate what happened into something na mararamdaman din ng makakapanood.

Beautiful SimplicityThe efforts of the team to capture the beautiful simplicity of Mark and Maan’s wedding paid off in spades.

“When we first watched our SDE, there were tears. Happy tears! It’s way better than what we imagined and even exceeded our expectations. Every time I watch our SDE, I always say to myself, ‘that’s OUR own heartfelt, handmade story, right there…’”

Not surprisingly, the couple were only too keen to share that their Top Knotter Moment was having booked Jake.

“Right from the very start, his services and work were truly praiseworthy. With Jake, we never felt that it was just ‘another wedding for him. He really has the heart for his client and that is something we really appreciate, and something that I bet every bride and groom would prefer.”

Telling us about their experience, Maan noted that while Jake was a college friend, she knew about how he valued professionalism. Despite their reservations about looking awkward in front of the camera, Jake simply asked them to be themselves.

“True enough, there was no awkwardness during filming. Everything felt natural.”

We just can’t help but delight in the beautiful simplicity of their day, as shown in the details–from their theme to the charming styling. Nothing over the top, all very subtle. Everything seemed designed to draw attention towards the couple and the love they were celebrating.  We also loved that extra detail on Maan’s bouquet, wrapped with a string of lockets.  It undoubtedly contained photos of significant people in her life–an especially heartwarming wedding memorial.

Love is so strong that it conquers all, even forces so unstoppable as mortality and time.

Beautiful Simplicity

Supplier Spotlight: Photo: Jay Mayuga |Video: Jake Olaso Wedding Films | Catering: Halespot Diner And Cafe | Church: St. Therese Chapel, Crownpeak Subic Bay |Reception: El Kabayo Riding Stables, Subic Bay | Prep venue: Segara Villas Subic Bay |  Church & Reception styling, Invitations, and Wedding give-aways: Jill Doromal and the bride | Photobooth: LJ Media | Hair and Makeup: Wendy Legaspi Fernandez | Bride’s gown: Ivory and White Bridal | Groom’s suit: Uncle Jaime Famini | Entourage Inifnity gowns: Love, C Manila | Flower girls’ gowns: Tita Elsie Cuenco | Host: Lexy Grey | LED wall: LED Pro Supplier by SubicAds | Cake and dessert: Isabella’s Patisserie | Entourage loot bags: Jingprints

We love how this wedding was done in such beautiful simplicity. What about you, what did you love about this wedding SDE? 

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