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Wedding Bloopers: When She Says I Do

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Who loves wedding bloopers? I DO

But seriously, who doesn’t love wedding bloopers? Everybody does. As long as the blooper doesn’t happen to them. (agree?)

Weddings can be very nerve-wracking ! Ask a couple who just got married and they’ll say they forgot a thing or two to do during their wedding day, they also weren’t able to sleep, and they probably haven’t finished writing their vows the night before.  Weddings can be stressful especially when couples worry about the littlest details. Other times, it’s because things are just going out of control.


But what happens when you’re in front of the altar, all eyes on you, and then the priest asks you something.  Because of excitement or nervousness, you gave out the wrong answer to the question. Watch this hilarious video sent by the bride herself. When we watched their video, we were laughing out loud and wanted to share this immediately.

Thanks RC & Marie for sharing this…

Now wasn’t that funny? We’re hoping to see more of these videos here on our website. Only a top knotter can surely capture this kind of moments with right timing and perfect angle

To watch the Full SDE of RC & Marie , watch the video below created by one of the most sought videographers in the country, Bob Nicolas Wedding Films.

RC and Marie from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

If you want to share your wedding bloopers captured by your wedding suppliers or guests, feel free to Contact Us with the Subject Title: Wedding Bloopers. We’d love to feature them.

Have you seen our other wedding blooper video of the doves finding a home on a videographer’s head? If not, better check it out now for a good laugh.
What can you say about RC & Marie’s wedding blooper? Share us your thoughts by posting your comments below.

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  • This is just amaaaazing!!!!! The first video made me laugh. The second made me cry. From happiness. Your love for each other is showing so much. What a dream wedding <3 You deserve each other and the love. Amazing dress, amazing wife. The touched husband in the church. Yes this is fabulous to see. True love and spirit. <3

  • Great !!
    The video brings in loads of humor and the second one was somewhat emotional with loads of love.
    This is dream wedding of anyone in LOve.
    Cheers <3

  • Such a beautiful wedding. It makes me cry as well seeing the groom cries on his wedding. And the bride is so beautiful that even if she committed some bloopers, she’s still beautiful.

  • Who says men are not emotional? LOL. I wouldn’t even call that a blooper. It’s just sheer joy. 🙂

  • That was a great video! Thanks for sharing the good vibes :3 When I got married, there wasn’t really bloopers, but there was a disaster back home. All of us had to pack early next morning, and a week before the wedding, my grandfather died.Hence, my husband and I never had our honeymoon up to this day. 🙁

  • If I don’t get to have Jason Magbanua for our wedding (for the far future), Bob Nicolas is my second option. He’s really good too. This is funny, but subtle blooper. So if ever I have a blooper, I would like it to be this light. Not too drastic as to ruin my wedding :)) Examples of bloopers that I don’t want to happen: (1) semi-trip while walking on the aisle (2) say the wrong words when saying the vow because of nervousness etc.

  • Oh my goodness , I’m in tears ! How beautiful is this! What a lovely memory for the rest of their lives together are these videos and photos . I really very much enjoyed your post , how sweet . Thanks a lot for making me cry (smile) ….

  • Awesome! Weddings are mixed emotions, we laugh and cry at the same time. Bloopers are unavoidable, but this adds beautiful memories that we can share to future kids and grand kids.

  • Beautiful videos! Wedding can be very nerve-wrecking as you said, all that pressure and wishing everything to be perfect. But you love each other and that’s all that matters <3

  • Bloopers are ftw! It completes one’s video sometimes esp. for special moments to be remembered for a lifetime like weddings.

  • Bloopers are fun to watch by the groom and bride after their marriage and after the stress they’ve experienced while planning. Hahaha. First video ftw!