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Wedding Bloopers: Dove Nests on Videographer

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Weddings are just full of surprises. There are those moments that are truly remarkable and not to be missed: The Wedding Bloopers. They’re funny. They’re cute. And they make your weddings really memorable.

Most of the time, watching wedding videos can make us cry. A lot of times, they make us feel warm and wanting to get married all over again. This time around, we want everyone to have a good time and watch videos sent by videographers and couples.

We have seen a lot of foreign wedding video bloopers but not so much from Philippine Weddings. With Filipino artists oozing with talent, it’s impossible to not capture a funny moment from a wedding. Just ask the wedding industry, who’s the best wedding videographer they know, and they’ll mention Jason Magbanua, a Filipino.


Today, Threelogy Video shared with us a clip from one of their wedding shoots. Wedding doves are known to be elusive from people but this one just felt “at home” with CJ. Just watch what happens after the couple releases the dove from their hands.

Hope you like it.

We are looking for more videos and if you want to share your funny wedding bloopers? Just Contact Us.

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  • Nice clip! This is so cuuuute! I didn’t expect it would alight in no time. Everything was so candid!!

  • Hahahaha, funny! I’m scared of birds so I would’ve freaked out if this happened to me. Props to CJ for keeping his composure. (ps love threelogy by the way. They were one of the videographers we considered for our wedding).

    • topknotters

      Really? Cool! They’re one of the best in the wedding industry too… Cj is such a funny guy!

  • I’m familiar of Threeology, but I still haven’t seen this blooper post theirs. This is funny. I hope the dove didn’t poop or else the videographer will be in so much trouble.

  • Hahaha. The dove seems to have found its home. I love videos like this. So light and just relaxes me more.

  • LOL! I am thinking, the doves made the video so much more memorable. Of course it is about love/wedding, but years from now, what will be talked about more?

  • Wedding bloopers has been on TV ever since I was a child. It seems to always be so funny when a planned event like a wedding goes wrong. I hope it will not happen to me tho! But the bloopers are memorable and will always stay in your head when you think of the wedding. It’s good to have some funny memories which gives us smiles now and then =)

  • Hilarious! Mostly because it is other people! 🙂 I love these videos though and they were not harmful to anyone else. I think they create some fun memories for all of your guests to take home. Or in this case for all of the world to be able to watch all of the time! I love it!

  • That must be one lucky videographer, haha. Maybe it was a sign that the is the one that will get married next. I think it’s a good idea that besides the professional wedding video, there should also be a funny moments one (decent, of course, that doesn’t embarrass anyone). It can be a great movie to show the grandchildren.

  • I hope you’ll be able to crowd source wedding bloopers, not the type that will make fun of the persons involve, but to make light of a serious but memorable moments

    • topknotters

      We certainly will get our videos and the permission from the couple and the videographers. We understand where the concern is coming from. Thank You!

  • Oh, this is so cuuuute! And funny too! It’s been a while since I’ve last seen a wedding with doves. We didn’t have one in our own wedding anymore.

  • Cj

    I am the chosen one. 😉

    • topknotters

      Oh Yes you are…the Dove Whisperer! 🙂

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