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Trizha Dimayuga Bridal Collection: of Faeries & Ocean Waves

 May 12, 2017

Ladies planning for a beach or boho wedding, better take a look a this Trizha Dimayuga bridal collection . We’re sure you’ll enjoy browsing through this enchanting yet chic set.

Having been a bridal couturier for the past four years, Trizha now debuts with her first bridal collection.

“I have to say that my style has really evolved over the years. That I have found my aesthetic of modern simplicity.”

To showcase this, her debut collection features designs that are inspired by fairies & ocean waves.

“…How fairies just glide around freely and effortlessly; how the ocean waves gives comfort and serenity. That’s what I wanted to capture. I created light and airy gowns that won’t weigh you down using breathable fabrics such as tulle and chiffon, and lightweight laces. Just picture a fairy walking and twirling on the shore of the beach. That is the inspiration.”

Now, doesn’t that sound so magical and carefree? We love how this set beautifully infuses the elegance of lace with the lightness of tulle & chiffon. The lacey off-shoulder number is a favorite. But we also love the flexible pieces that transforms when paired with a longer skirt or cover up. We also can’t resist admiring the lacey one-piece suit that transforms exquisitely when donned with a wrap around.

Accentuated with such handsome floral headpieces & bridal bouquets, we’re able to see different options brides can choose from for the overall mood and look  that would go with or these pieces.

Trizha shares with us the type of bride she had in mind while designing her creations.

“My collection calls for brides who would like to go for a sexy, youthful and effortless vibe. Brides who are confident in their skin and would like to highlight their assets.”

We know as you dream of your big day, you dream of the perfect gown that will adorn you. Do you fancy picking out one from any of these?

Just imagine what it would be like to be a bride wearing one of these creations, exuding such charm & calm confidence — despite your nervousness combined with giddy excitement deep inside — as you walk down the aisle on your wedding by the beach, towards the man of your dreams.

Supplier Spotlight: Photography : Arlene Briones-Hidalgo of The Perfect Grey Photography & Boudoir Dolls | Flower Crown & Bridal Bouquet : Serge Igonia of Loi Floral Sense | Hair & Makeup : Tish Mahtani of Blushingbraid

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