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This Glamorous Castaway Prenup Will Make You Love Surigao

Surigao Island, Metrophoto

What would be a better way to capture one’s Surigao Island Prenup than to portray glamorous castaways?

Suzie & Tom definitely made the most of their exotic prenup session location, thanks to the brilliant idea of their photographer Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto.

“Surigao was not the venue we had in mind for our E-session. We were thinking to have the shoot somewhere picturesque that highlights the beauty of nature. When we had our 1st meeting with Oly Ruiz and after interviewing us, he did not hesitate to pitch in the idea of underwater shoot with jellyfishes in Surigao. We immediately liked the idea and said yes to it despite being a little bit wary.”

Who wouldn’t be wary about swimming with jellyfish? But then again, there really wasn’t any need to worry because Oly & his team made sure that it would be stingless jellyfish Suzie & Tom would be swimming with. I can imagine how challenging the shoot must have been, not only because they had to travel to a destination as remote as a Surigao Island, but also because of the nature of the shoot as well.

“We never expected that we would be able to pull off the whole shoot without the guidance and help from our suppliers. It was definitely the most intense and boldest thing we did and a very tiring one as we had to move from one location to another and change outfit several times, but we are so happy and proud with the result. A nerve-wrecking experience, but all worth it!”


Going through the photos, you’ll see it was all definitely worth it. I love how the couple looked like glamorous castaways in this Surigao island prenup of theirs. I love the contrast of their formal wear against the unspoiled beauty of nature. The shipwreck is such a find too; their colors complementing the boat’s rust & hull.

The best part, of course, is being captured amidst the bloom of jellyfish. It’s beautiful too that the kind of stingless jellyfish in the area are the translucent ones. Doesn’t it just give off such an enchanting vibe?



So, how would a couple pull off such an amazing, one-of-a-kind engagement session? Here are Suzie & Tom’s tips:

1) Set a budget for your prenup

2) Meet with your photographer and solicit ideas.

3) Have a very unique and creative concept and theme – trust your photographer on this

4) Consult with your suppliers since they are experts, but do not hesitate to give your own ideas

5) Be physically and emotionally ready.

6) Prepare ahead of time the logistics (plane tickets, hotel, transportation, and guide) and itinerary, if out of town.

7) Know the style of your photographer and what your photographer wants to achieve with the shoot

8) Get into the character and feel that you own the stage and be confident.

9) Plan your outfit, collaborate and consult with your suppliers for the best outfit for the shoot.

10) Get a very good HMU artist, as Oly said it, “it can make or break the outcome of the shoot”

11) Enjoy and have fun during the shoot

Watch the Behind The Scene Shoots from Suzie and Tom’s Prenup Shoot with Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto

suzie_tom_ed0001 suzie_tom_ed0002 suzie_tom_ed0003 suzie_tom_ed0004 suzie_tom_ed0005 suzie_tom_ed0006 suzie_tom_ed0007 suzie_tom_ed0008 suzie_tom_ed0009 suzie_tom_ed0010 suzie_tom_ed0011 suzie_tom_ed0012 suzie_tom_ed0013 suzie_tom_ed0014 suzie_tom_ed0015 suzie_tom_ed0017 suzie_tom_ed0018 suzie_tom_ed0019 suzie_tom_ed0020 suzie_tom_ed0021 suzie_tom_ed0022 suzie_tom_ed0023 suzie_tom_ed0025 suzie_tom_ed0026 suzie_tom_ed0027 suzie_tom_ed0028 suzie_tom_ed0029 suzie_tom_ed0030 suzie_tom_ed0031 suzie_tom_ed0032 suzie_tom_ed0033 suzie_tom_ed0034 suzie_tom_ed0035 suzie_tom_ed0036 suzie_tom_ed0037 suzie_tom_ed0038 suzie_tom_ed0039 suzie_tom_ed0040 suzie_tom_ed0041 suzie_tom_ed0042 suzie_tom_ed0043 suzie_tom_ed0044 suzie_tom_ed0045 suzie_tom_ed0046 suzie_tom_ed0047 suzie_tom_ed0048 suzie_tom_ed0049 suzie_tom_ed0050 suzie_tom_ed0051
Supplier Spotlight: Photography: Metrophoto | Stylist: Mike Lavarez, Sidney Yap | Hair & Makeup: Lourd Ramos | Accommodations: Club Tara

So what do you think of this amazing Surigao Island Prenup session? Would you want to have a prenup session as adventurous as this?

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