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Meant To Be: Marius and Leslie’s Wedding (SDE by Taavi Films)

 February 3, 2018

Most of us believe in the adage, “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be”. So the hopeless romantic (who are you looking at?) can spend countless hours daydreaming about their soulmate. But how many have actually made the right prediction?

This is the strangely wonderful thing about life. No matter how much we try to plan our lives, we can only have so much control of the future. But the universe has its way of conspiring to take us where we’re meant to be–and with whom we’re meant to be.

Meet Marius and Leslie, whose story started in the confines of the workplace. Leslie probably never thought that the UI designer she was interviewing for the company she worked for would one day become her husband.



Everything makes sense

Marius likes to recall little details about that first day when he met Leslie, remembering how it all began. They started dating a year after and complemented their romantic relationship with a fruitful working one that saw them through two companies and countless freelance projects.

Beyond their harmonious working relationship, the couple still show signs of being truly meant to be. They both love music, food, travelling, and even sharing business ideas. With so many similarities and such an effective partnership, it just makes sense for them (and for us too!) to spend their life together as a married couple.

The vision for their SDE

The couple wanted to avoid the usual formula of a wedding video and wanted to make it look really natural.

“We wanted our video to be more about candid moments, capturing the genuine emotions, with some artistic shots. We wanted to make it authentic and meaningful.”

“It was important to get a videographer that really understood where we were coming from; who is also excited  to share in and execute our vision. When we first met Taavi Films at a bridal fair, there was an instant connection. We just felt that they got and understood us.”

Their Top Knotter Moment

Shooting throughout the day was fun, easy, and fast for the couple and their team. Because they had decided to skip most of the staged poses we see in wedding videos, they couple actually had extra time to mingle with their guests! They were actually 30 minutes ahead of schedule (an occurrence as rare as the super blue blood moon).

Marius and Leslie’s vision for their SDE paid off. All the scenes felt genuine, while the couple looked comfortable and sincerely happy.  They share their Top Knotter moments from Taavi Films below:

“When we first watched our wedding video, it was simply a confirmation of what we felt all along: that Taavi Films was the right choice for us. We felt that our video was so ‘us’, and captured the best parts and feels of our special day.”

We kept gushing because, each time we’d re-watch it, we’d notice a nice little detail that they snuck in. These little details would bring us back to a special moment on that day, and it’s such an amazing feeling.”

Extra Memorable

Their special day turned out to be even more memorable when they were be serenaded by their favorite band, Ben&Ben.

“It was such a big deal for us to have Ben&Ben there, we were over the moon! Our wedding definitely wouldn’t have been as special and memorable if it weren’t for them. Their whole performance exceeded our expectations and was just the perfect complement to the best day ever.”

While none of us have control over how our life unfolds, we can always hope that what’s meant to be for us will truly come to pass. We’re taking our cue from Marius and Leslie, neither of whom expected a job interview to lead to something eternal. If you’re hopeless romantics like us though (fine, we admit it already!), you might say it’s destiny.

As the song from their SDE goes: “everything happens for a reason”. Don’t you agree?

Supplier Spotlight: Preps Venue: Velada Estate | Church: Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (PIHM) | Church Flowers: Flowers by Edmar | Bridal and Entourage Flowers: Duane’s Fleur Creatif | Venue: L’Aquinum Garden | Caterer: M Catering | Cake: Dr. C’s Cupcakes and Sweets | Photo/Video: Filterpan/Taavi Films | Band: Ben&Ben | Sound system: Audiotronix | Makeup: Makeup by Jem (Jem Biscocho) | Hair: Arianne Clayton | Gown: Benhur Dychangco | Coord: Absolutely Knot Events

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