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Honest Love: Chip and Angeli (SDE by Hello & Co. Cinema)

 February 14, 2018

When you strip a relationship off of its high “kilig” moments, we can only hope there’s an honest love at the core to sustain it.

There’s a certain excitement when you start dating someone. It gives you a rush as you tread on the unknown in hopes of discovering a priceless treasure. But we think the true test of a relationship comes once your adrenaline levels return to normal. What’s left after the high “kilig” getting-to-know moments? We can only hope that you have what Chip and Angeli have: an honest love.

Honest Love

When Chip and Angeli went to the prom together, they felt absolutely no spark between them. It was just the usual affair wherein your friend/cousin/parent finds a date for you so you can pretend to star in your very own prom movie. (Regardless if it’s “Jawbreaker”, “10 Things I Hate About You”, or “Carrie”.)

Eight years later though, when the two were merely Facebook friends, Angeli posts a random thought on her timeline. We assume she might have been ranting, which would’ve been completely forgivable for someone in her last year of medical school. Whatever it was, Chip saw it and for some reason decided to check Angeli’s relationship status. Seeing that she was single, he dropped her a line.

Soon enough, their conversations grew more interesting and came very frequently. And after three weeks of intense conversation on Facebook messenger, they finally went out to dinner and saw the movie, “Up”.

After four months of exclusively dating, they officially became a couple on Christmas Day in 2009. Chip referenced the movie “Love Actually.” Below is his super smooth line which you can copy for that moment when you want an answer to the question, “Are we or aren’t we?”

“You know, it’s Christmas. And on Christmas, you tell the truth. I’d like to know if you consider us a couple.”

Angeli responded with an “I’d like to think so” and the rest, as they say, is history. This was the moment that marked the beginning of a simply honest love. Theirs was a relationship that had its thrills. But more than that, they just shared a simple and easy kind of love that always looked forward to the future. And that was what made it last for more than seven years.

The Proposal

Chip finally decided to seal their honest love and propose when their families incidentally booked the same dates to travel to Japan. He asked for her hand in marriage from her parents two weeks prior to the trip (an experience he admits was nerve-wracking).

Chip had initially planned on proposing while they explored an iconic landmark in Tokyo but his nerves got the better of him. He ended up popping the question at a bus stop near Angeli’s hotel, before midnight and before the last train ride back to his place.

Because Chip was going on and on in a litany of “relationship realizations”, Angeli actually thought the was breaking up with her! Instead, he put a ring on it. (Avoid these 6 Marriage Proposal Don’ts!)

Angeli ended up answering with three questions of her own: “Singsing ba iyan? Tinanong mo na parents ko? Are you ready to take care of me?”  Because of this, Chip had to keep asking Angeli to marry him before she finally, finally gave her yes. 

On Choosing Hello & Co. Cinema

Chip and Angeli felt it was critical for them to choose the right videographer because they wanted something new and nothing cliche. They also had three main considerations: affordability, creativity, and rapport. Chip and Angeli narrowed down their choices to three videographers whom they met with personally just to get the right vibes. The couple also wanted to know if they could deliver their “How I Met Your Mother” theme for the prenup video.

The Top Knotters Moment

The couple shared how their first meeting with Phoebe from Hello & Co. Cinema was already a Top Knotters moment for them.

“She got us, she knew what we wanted, and we just loved her energy. We had no doubts when we shot for our prenup.  [The final prenup video] was superb. The SDE was also nothing short of amazing. Come to think of it, every step of the way was a Top Knotters moment.”

Chip and Angeli felt at ease while filming on the big day, so their honest love really showed through in the footage. They described the experience as “just like magic”.

“We loved how the SDE captured the delight of our guests. We knew we were the “bida”, but the occasion was a celebration of families and friends, and that was perfectly reflected in the video. It had just the right mix of excitement, drama and happiness.”

While a wedding definitely counts as one of those high “kilig” moments in a relationship, reliving it in the years after seems like a good way to sustain the excitement in an honest love. Make sure to save your own SDE in every device and press play for emergencies. You’ll thank us later.

Supplier Spotlight: Church: Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Muntinlupa | Reception Venue: Hampton Court, Hillsborough, Alabang | Preparations: Somerset Alabang Manila,  | Photo: Oak St. Studios | Video: Hello & Co. Cinema | Bridal Gown: Hannah Kong Designs | Entourage Dresses: Mara Chua | Groom’s Suit: Arvox Tailoring | HMUA: Jasmine Mendiola | Food: Conti’s Bakeshop & Restaurant | Catering: Silver Table Catering Event Services | Wedding Cake: CwazyBakes | Stage/Styling: Ovents by Osio’s Catering | Drapes & fairy lights: Amaranthus Florist & Event Stylist
Red-Beri Flowers | Band: El Acustico | Emcee: Moxx de Vera | Photobooth: Pose and Prints  | Lights & sounds: RGB Lights and Sounds | Wedding Coordinator: The Party Staple | Leather Keychain souvenirs: Shibui Leather | Souvenirs for Principal Sponsors: Carafe and glass set from SM & glass etching by Keepitsimple_ph | Souvenirs for Female Entourage: Lulu swing

Do you have your own honest love moment? Share with us in the comments section below!

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