Heart and Home: John & Gabs Prenup

 January 3, 2018

“I love you – I am at rest with you – I have come home.” – Dorothy L. Sayers

Enough with the glitz, the pomp, and circumstance. For their prenup, Jonathan and Gabrielle decided to ditch the complications and come as they are. In these photos, we catch the couple in a most natural state: laughing with their heads thrown back, sitting by a window sill, stretched out on the couch. It almost seems as if their photographer just happened to be intruding on one of their lazy, laidback Saturdates at home.

While admittedly, Gabs said there was no “specific theme in mind,” she and John were sure they wanted a bit of their real story to shine forth by setting up the shoot in a place where a big chunk of their love story unfolded, in Gabs’ home. “We wanted it to be in a space we were familiar with, a space we’ve spent a lot of time together in,” shared Gabs. And this proved to be the riveting element that tied in with Jonathan and Gabrielle’s vibe: relaxed, lighthearted, and natural.

Their photographer David Garmsen was thrilled by how all the visuals seamlessly captured the over-all energy of this couple. “…The couple, the venue, the attire, they all went well together.”

Tips for soon-to-weds:

1. Choose a theme that is YOU.

While it’s tempting to pick whatever seems trendy and go for a Great Gatsby theme or a Fantasia peg for your pre-nup, it would be best to opt for a look that really brings out your unique dynamics and individual personalities.

“It isn’t often the we get to shoot inside a home since most couples prefer to shoot amidst nature, scenery, beaches and the like, but for John and Gabs, they chose a home. It suits them well, its suits their personality, moreover, it brings out who they are. John and Gabs are a very relaxed couple, and the venue brought that out, they were very calm, relaxed, and [at] home in front of the camera,” recalled David.

The last thing you want is to feel overwhelmingly awkward because of a theme you don’t really feel comfortable with. Sometimes, less is more.

2. Get silly!

While Gabs admitted the shoot felt “a little weird in the beginning, with all the cameras,” she listened and trusted their photographer who reminded them that pre-nups are supposed to capture actual fun happening. Shooting in a familiar spot like your home doesn’t have to mean blah. The emotions can and should be just as real.

“John was particularly amused at how Gab would pose since he mentioned that he never saw her move in that manner and that actually added to the emotion, the laughter, excitement, and overall happinesss of the date,” shared David.

In general, he stressed the need to be

“in your element.” “Be comfortable, be comfortable with yourselves, with your photographer and your venue. … Be happy, and let your photographer do the rest.”

Supplier Spotlight: Venue: Gabs’ home | Photographer : David Garmsen | Makeup: Ina Ferreira | Hair: Robert Lumbre

If home is where the heart is, we’re pretty sure these two have found what it takes to be sublimely happy.

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