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Anne and Erwan’s Wedding: 4 Things That Prove Love is an Adventure

Anne & Erwan's Wedding

What first caught my eye in Anne and Erwan’s beautiful wedding video by Jason Magbanua were not the lush rolling hills of New Zealand, or the bunch of good looking people that surrounded the happy couple. It was a sign shown a little past 1:00 mark that said: “Welcome to Middle Earth.”

If you know of The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit (books or movies), this reference wouldn’t be lost on you and it somehow leaves us with a feeling that Anne and Erwan are just about to start on the greatest adventure of their lives.

Anne did say it in her wedding vow, but even without it, it’s very easy to see why that is so –love and marriage is a lifelong quest that the husband and wife promise to embark on together. And while there were no orcs, hobbits, elves, or wandering lost kings in the video, here are four things that prove that saying (or singing!) “I Do” in front of God can be the biggest adventure of anyone’s life.

4 Things That Prove Love is an Adventure:

1) The First Meeting

This one is about people who no one could have ever imagined being together. We couldn’t have been more different when we first met, and probably didn’t strike anyone as a likely match. 

Every story starts with the main characters meeting for the first time. In the romance genre, we call this a “meet cute”, literally a cute meeting of the two characters that brings them into each other’s worlds. Now, Anne and Erwan have been together for almost a decade so we’re really past that first meeting, but there’s a moment in their video where Erwan says “Hello” to Anne while she was trying to gather herself before saying her vow that almost felt like it was the first time they both saw each other. There was just something so tender in that moment – like their souls sighed a little with relief when they turned and found that they are really with the person they chose in front of God and everyone they love.

2) They have support groups

Thank you for loving her.

In The Lord of the Rings, Frodo could probably set off on his own to destroy the ring alone, but it would probably be a close to impossible journey for him. This is why a lot about the first book/movie was the forming of the Fellowship that helped him fulfill his mission. It was very clear that Anne and Erwan were surrounded by a fellowship of their own that loved and cared for them just as much as they cared for each other: from Nico Bolzico who welcomed Anne as the “second favorite in-law,” to Jasmine Curtis-Smith who was first to declare that Erwan was “The Wan” for her sister, to Luis Manzano giving Erwan a teary hug while he thanked him for loving his best friend. It just goes to show that while a marriage is about two people, having a support group will help them cross Mordor and back – while laughing and crying.

3) Character Development

Without noticing it, you’ve made me want to tell a story and compile it, and fear that one day, I would have to read it back just to remember us. Knowing that whatever happened, I could keep you in my back pocket, a tucked away novel that I could look for for hope.

Characters in stories are put through fire (literally and figuratively) so they can grow as their story goes on, and this is what makes reaching their ending more worth it. Some of my favorite shots in the video were the ones of just Anne and Erwan – their faces together, walking across a field or hiking up a mountain hand in hand, and just being in each other’s arms. It was a great contrast of softness and strength, but that doesn’t mean that these qualities are owned by just one of them. Anne had grown stronger from all the trials she went through in her relationships, and Erwan had learned to embrace vulnerability in being with her. Now that’s character development.

4) Their Happily Ever After

Today, I vow to be your co-star in the most genuine love story ever told.

As I embark on my greatest adventure ever, I couldn’t be more excited that it’s with you. For you are my greatest adventure. You are my wondrous dream. And our love story is my favorite book.

And what makes an adventure story most satisfying than seeing the characters emerge victorious? In romance novels, this is the happily ever after – one that reminds the readers that love conquers all. Through the 20 minutes of Anne and Erwan’s video, there was no doubt that love had conquered them both and was victorious, and that their happily ever after is not the end but the beginning of their new adventure together as husband and wife.


What happens next? Well, it’s up to the new Mr. and Mrs. Heussaff to know, since it is their adventure. But this is why books and movies are sequels, right?

Supplier Spotlight: Videographer: Jason Magbanua | Photographer: Pat Dy | HMUA: Robbie Pinera & Raymond Santiago | Gown: Monique Lhuillier 

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