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A Wedding In Bali: Karen & Fiel’s Wedding

wedding in bali, karen & fiel, mayad studios

A couple’s eleven-year relationship culminates with a beautiful wedding in Bali, marking a new chapter in their life to live and be as one.

Who would have thought that last minute prom dates would end up being together in an eleven-year relationship that would culminate in a beautiful wedding in Bali? Fiel & Karen’s story and the wedding is definitely one for the books.

wedding in bali, karen & fiel, mayad studios

Karen shared their story with us to which we can’t help but think about how real and enduring their love is for each other. It shows us that it is possible to be your own person & pursue your own dreams & passions while being in a relationship with someone also pursuing his/her own dreams & passions, which may not necessarily be in the same field as yours. In their case, Karen was pursuing a medical profession, while Fiel would often be in different local & foreign destinations shooting other couples’ love stories.

wedding in bali, karen & fiel, mayad studios

We have a learned a few things from their experience on how to make such a relationship work.

  1. You must be ready to face that fact that it will not be as smooth or easy.

“…we maintained the relationship for such a long time, especially given the tests of distance, communication & demanding careers….The misunderstandings and petty arguments got the better of us too.”
  1. Be conscious of setting and planning quality time together despite your busy schedules.

“ Over the years that we grew in maturity and in our different career paths, we invested our time to catch up in travels and vacations. These plans were very hard to schedule yet somehow, we managed to get away from our stressful daily routine.  The adventure in India was truly memorably with Fiel’s carefully planned itinerary that never fails to amaze me”
  1. Be supportive of each other’s dreams, no matter how different it might be

“What I truly love about Fiel and our relationship was the relentless support and motivation he had for me and my dreams. He pushed me to pursue medicine and stood by side without doubting my capabilities and tried to understand a profession that stole my time and attention away from him.”
  1. Despite being into different things, don’t forget to nourish your relationship with love & respect for each other.

“We may have taken separate career paths, but we definitely grew together with love and respect for each other”
  1. Be patient and discern on the right time to take things to the next level.

wedding in bali, karen & fiel, mayad studios

Karen only knew after their engagement on September 20th of 2015 that Fiel planned to propose years ago with a ring he had carefully chosen.

“But even with his preparation, he waited for my career to fall perfectly into place. On the night of my oathtaking as physician, he planned a gathering with a brilliant excuse as a celebratory dinner for my important milestone. He had our parents and our closet friends from high school to medical practice invited in a serene and intimate venue with great tasting food. We were giving our spontaneous messages of gratitude to the group when I noticed him getting a leather box on cue, knelt down & proposed”.

And so, this lovely couple celebrated their union in a romantic Bali Island. Going through their photos as captured by MAYAD Studios, you can see and feel the love and happiness a couple excited to start spending the rest of their lives together. We love the wedding details that were captured here.

By the way, this is the first of a two-part feature. The next part will include details on their tips for having a destination wedding in Bali. Watch out for that one. In the meantime, enjoy the photos in this set and the video of their wedding highlights below!

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Bali Wedding of Karen and Fiel “Our Time” from Mayad on Vimeo.

Supplier Spotlight: Photography & Videography: MAYAD Studios | Wedding Coordinator (Philippines): Not Just A Box Events | Wedding Coordinator (Bali): Bali Dream Wedding | Wedding Gown: Veluz Reyes | Groom’s Suit: Francis Libiran | Gowns for the Entourage: Carina Canlas | Bride’s Make-up artist: Gery Penaso | Bride’s hair stylist: Aries Manal | Make-up for the Entourage: Zymba Buenaventura | Invites: Mayad Studios (layout)  and  Sid Estrella of Amis Prints (printing) | Event Stylist: Sugar Decor Bali | Custom Wedding Cake: Creme dela creme Bali | Leather Totes, pouches and bag tags: Lennie Dionisio (@thecuriousartisan) | Traveler’s jewelry organizer: Tara | Calligraphy by Dr. Gail Anne Madalag (@the_md_writes) and  Elvira Zabala | Wedding bands: bride’smother | Entertainment: DJ Arvin Ong | Dance choreography by Reigh Sy

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  • Carola

    The pictures look great!! I love Bali. Never been there, but it’s high on my list. I would love to visit one day. I loved this post a lot. They are so right with the experience they share. Loved to read that. Be supportive of each other dreams. No matter how different. That’s such an important one. You don’t see that with every couple. But I really believe in it. It’s so great to support each other. And to be really yourself.

  • Yan

    Grabeeee everything looks so beautiful! I loooove the black/white/grey motif! How memorable would it be to be wed here! <3

  • Richard Anthony Baldoza

    AHHHHHH! This is the dream. Your blog is amazing! Everything I’ve eer imagined a wedding would be is here and more. This post doesn’t just revive the romantic in me but also strengthens it. Great photos and yes I’m now a fan! ❤️

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