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Spotlight Proposal: Jordan & Jade

spotlight proposal, jake olaso

When you hear about their spotlight proposal story, you’ll realize that this is actually more than a year in the making.

Not because it took Jordan that long to propose, but because Jordan knew that Jane is ‘the one’ early on in their relationship. Jordan’s humor is something else too!

“We officially met last August 19, 2014. It was her first day in PLDT and unfortunately, management decided that she will be my seatmate.  We became officially together on December 29, 2014…I drew first blood. I have no idea what was happening at that time, my “walls” fell. Especially in our early months, I know this is it. She was “it”. I have to ask her. I immediately realized, she is the person I will marry….It was March 2014 when I started saving up for the wedding. I targeted our big day to be around December 2017. The proposal should come in between June-August 2016”


I’d say Jade is truly one lucky girl to have found the one who knows early on that he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. It would only be a matter of whether Jade would want the same thing!

With how men are usually bad at dates, it’s refreshing and romantic to see how Jordan was so deliberate on setting his surprise proposal exactly 2 years since the day they met!

Jordan wanted the proposal to have something to do with lights. He was particularly inspired by the Deftones Minerva video. With lots of ideas going around his head on how to execute it – from bending LED strip lights and making a puzzle out of it to using a helipad on top of skyscrapers – he needed to finalize his plan. In the end, what grounded the final idea for his proposal was the budget.


Though it wasn’t obvious, we can’t say things all went smoothly exactly because there were a lot of things Jordan had to manage and take into consideration during the planning process.

“There were arguments, stress, pegs, venue finalization, equipment malfunctions, practice on site, food, selecting service providers & sourcing the most important item of all, the ring!’

Thanks to other couple friends who were willing to be in on the surprise, he was able to pull it off successfully. Successfully because Jade said yes! Interesting though how Jordan had an internal agreement with his cohorts on what happens in the unlikely event Jade says ‘No’.

“Kapag nag ‘no’, tuloy parin kainan!’

spotlight proposal, jake olaso

So what was going on in Jade’s mind as all of this unfolded?

“I had a hunch months before but I never really acknowledged it (I might be wrong, and that sucks!). It started when he became secretive all of a sudden and he kept telling me to ‘just trust him’.

At first, I really believed that the whole thing was for Jericho and Karen. It was when we entered the theater that I felt something was up.

When the curtains were drawn was when I realized that all of this was his doing. I was overwhelmed and grateful that he did all this just to ask me to marry him. I would’ve said yes no matter how he asked. I am very lucky to have him.”

Their tips for others who find themselves in the stage of their relationship where they’re contemplating to take things to the ‘next level’?

“For the ladies, it will come when you both know that you are ready. So it helps if you have open communication with your partner. And of course, trusting your partner is VERY important”  – Jade

“For the guys, keep it simple. Keep it within budget. Haha. Do your research, especially about the ring. And try your very best not to spill anything to your girlfriend” – Jordan

In choosing his suppliers that helped him pull the proposal off:

“Trust. I chose suppliers by trust. I have looked into each supplier’s past performances; tried & proven workmanship/service. I applied it on the ring to food caterers and videographers (insert Jake Olaso here, *wink*). I can’t emphasize enough that the research should be done before selecting anybody for your proposal. Don’t be shy to ask for help, especially from your family & friends. They made my proposal happen, without them, this event in my life won’t be possible”

spotlight proposal, jake olaso

Now that’s definitely one for the books, congratulations Jordan, Jade said ‘yes’!.

Supplier Spotlight: Videographer: Jake Olaso Wedding Films

Do you have a wedding proposal story to share? Please do feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear about it!


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