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Raw And Relaxed Prenup: Jose & Avic

Raw And Relaxed, Law Tapalla,

All you need is love, all you need is each other. Set against the unspoiled beauty and wonder of the Tinipak River in Mt. Daraitan, Tanay, that’s the message that this raw and relaxed prenup seems to signify.

Jose & Avic didn’t really have a particular theme in mind for having their prenup in this rejuvenating outdoor setting. They just saw a friend’s prenup shoot in the same location and found it to be a beautiful setting and decided they wanted to have their prenup in the same location. For this shoot, they only had their photographer Law Tapalla & their videographer Dux Dacudao, The Spark Series, with them. The future bride, Avic, did her own makeup & the couple picked their own outfits for the shoot.


I think it’s beautiful how the images turned out to reflect such a raw and relaxed prenup. The couple looked as refreshing & natural as the environment that surrounded them. Even their poses seemed so natural; their poses looked so ‘un-posed’. The images brought out not just the beauty of nature, but more importantly, candid and reflective images of the couple where you can see how their eyes and expressions reveal how truly happy they are just to be together.


This, despite the apparently exhausting day they had for the shoot. Definitely, they had fun, but if you’re thinking of having your raw and relaxed prenup shoot in this location, Jose shares their experience on what it took for them to get to their venue. You and your soon-to-be spouse must be up for a bit of an adventure.

“It was a fun experience but a tiring one haha. To get to the area, you need to pass by a rough road for about 45 minutes, cross a river, trek for 15 minutes and walk for 30 minutes to an hour.”

Obviously, it was well worth it, especially if you’re in good company.

“The place was so beautiful, natural light is present which I think made the job easier for Dux and Law. It also helped that their team is very game for anything. I know they were tired already but they were super professional about it.”


What are their tips for other soon-to-weds thinking of having their prenup in this nature laden environment? Here’s our take on their advice.

1. Gauge if either of you is up for ‘roughing it out’

“It depends on the couple. I was lucky that my fiancèe is okay with everything. We have no makeup artist or stylist with us, we even changed clothes behind big rock formations.”

2.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with the area

“Make sure you know how to get to the place, secure and pay permits if there are any.”

3. Don’t sweat it

“Just have fun and be yourselves during the prenup shoot.”

4. Bring something to set the mood

“It also helped us that Avic brought a speaker and we just listen to songs during the shoot, it sets the mood when listening to relaxing songs or songs that you and your partner like.”

Now, doesn’t that sound like a really chill, relaxed and fun engagement session? This is definitely, something I’m sure Jose & Avic would love to keep coming back to and reminisce on.

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Supplier spotlight: Photography: Law Tapalla | Video: Dux Dacudao of The Sparks Series

What do you think of this raw and relaxed prenup? What theme would your e-session be like if you were to have your prenup session here?


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