Intimate Wedding: Mil and Pam

 March 14, 2018

They say that home isn’t a place but a person. Perhaps this idea can be extended to weddings too, wherein it’s not the wheres and whens but the whos that matter most. Mil and Pam’s intimate wedding is proof that a milestone is still a milestone—no matter how many people there are to witness it.

In Philippine culture, the word “family” conjures up images of relatives down to the fifth degree (or further). So wedding parties often range from big to grand to half the population of New Zealand. While we’re sure plenty of couples have wanted to have an intimate wedding, very few actually go that route.

Meet Mil and Pam, a couple who enjoys exploring the world together. They celebrated their fifth year of being together with a trip to Japan—and ended it with a proposal, a picture-perfect jump start to a new chapter in their lives.

But the couple wanted to walk the road less-traveled. That is, they wished to celebrate such a momentous event within a tight-knit circle. And when we say tight, we really mean it. Can you imagine inviting only TWENTY people to your wedding? That probably only covers your siblings and parents right? But Mil and Pam prove that intimate wedding and Filipino can exist in the same reality. Read on for the scoop on how they accomplished such a feat.

Intimate Wedding: Still a memorable affair

At big weddings, the program is tailored to create memorable moments. It could be that tita of yours catching the garter, or a kickass father-daughter dance, or a best man speech to bring the house down. But if you’re planning an intimate wedding with a small party, you can do away with most of that.

“We didn’t want to have a wedding program, which is really for bigger weddings. Our goal was to have a simple ceremony and a memorable dinner party. We only have our immediate families, a pair of principal sponsors, and few friends.”

With a smaller wedding party, Mil and Pam’s intimate wedding banked on the company for entertainment. And it worked! The fact that everybody knew everyone else ensured that there’d be no awkwardness or boredom among the guests. It felt very warm to be surrounded by their most beloved family and friends.

Whether Intimate or Grand, You Need Good Food

Of course, one of the major elements that comprises a wedding is the food. An intimate wedding is no exception. Having Pio’s Kitchen take part in Mil and Pam’s celebration was a definite Top Knotter moment for the couple. Not only did the restaurant’s atmosphere make the affair feel very homey, but working with Chef Chin was also such a breeze.

“We really enjoyed working with Chef Chin because she was bubbly, very hands-on, and had a lot of ideas for the reception. It was easy to work with her and she was really excited to host the dinner. We had no problems communicating with her and were pleased with the outcome.”

Same Goes for the Suppliers

Even if theirs was only an intimate wedding, the couple still had to go through the same somewhat daunting process of choosing suppliers. Pam, in particular, felt paranoid at times because of other couples’ horror stories with bogus suppliers (See The Top Knotters Marketplace for legit and lit event suppliers). But she armed herself with fate and plenty of research to help overcome her fears.

“I researched a lot and read a ton of supplier reviews to plan the wedding. I’ve come across a lot of horror stories and that made me a bit paranoid. But after sending the suppliers my pegs and telling them the specific outcomes I wanted, I learned to trust them.”

Contrary to what consumerists would have you believe, you don’t need to go bankrupt to have a #WeddingWithHeart. Mil and Pam’s intimate wedding proved that, even with just twenty people, a wedding is still that. Not only is it a fun and memorable event, but it is also sacred and really quite magical. As long as we spend it with the people we love—most of all the person beside us at the altar—then it’s definitely worth cherishing ’til death do you part.

Supplier Spotlight: Photo: Ralph Lee Photography | Church: St. John Paul II Parish | Preps: Eastwood Richmonde Hotel | Reception: Pio’s Kitchen | Florist: Clint Carl | Wedding Dress: Desino Dulce | Suit: Bespoke | HMUA: Gem Uy | Entourage Dresses: Love Humbly | HMUA for Entourage: Alessandra Makeup Artistry | Rings: Karat Gold | Cake: Scout’s Honor | Invites: DIY

What’s the least number of people you think you could invite if you were to have your own intimate wedding? Post the number when you share this article! Be realistic, ok?

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