College Sweethearts: Joven & Thesa Walks Down Memory Lane

 March 19, 2018

Some would say that college is the best time of one’s life. You’re old enough to have a certain level of independence, young enough to have the energy to study, party, engage in extra curricular activities, even work on the side for some. But something that can make college life all the more fun, memorable & exciting is when you actually find your college sweetheart and lifetime love.

So, it’s no surprise that Joven & Thesa wanted to relive and capture this significant chapter of their lives for their prenup session. This is the time when they first met and became friends.

“It’s where the foundation of our love began. Our ‘College Sweethearts” theme depicted our young love that matured over time” 

College Sweethearts

Certainly, aside from being the stage for their meeting, college life must have brought some tests & trials for their relationship that made it stronger even as they’ve yet to be full blown adults. College life in itself is quite memorable with the new friends and larger than (highschool) life experiences one encounters throughout one’s stay. But having memories with one’s future spouse, no matter how big or small, as far back as your college years gives a couple a lot of special moments to look back on. Now, won’t having some kind of documentation about that phase in your relationship be such an awesome memento to show and talk about with your future kids?

But before even getting that far into the future, Joven & Thesa shares  with us how their ‘College Sweethearts’ prenup session went down for them.


A Trip Down Memory Lane

“The whole prenup experience was wonderful! We had a great time reminiscing our college days, reenacting memories & just being ourselves without any pressure of looking good in front of the cameras.’

It seems to have been a time travel experience of sorts for Joven & Thesa. But if there was anything they wished they’d paid more attention to as they went about their ‘College Sweethearts’ prenup, it would be the details of their outfits for their shoot. Since they did not get any stylist for this prenup shoot, they were grateful that their photographer, David Garmsen, gave them a bit of help in that aspect.

College Sweethearts

“Since we, both, are not “fashionistas”, we just wear t-shirts, shorts and slippers most of the time, we struggled in finding what outfit to wear in the shoot. Luckily, Sir David gave us advice especially on color coordination.”

Fashionista or not, we can see that Joven & Thesa make a handsome pair.  Having found each other and beginning their love story as college sweethearts, we’re pretty sure their college life is just first of the many ‘best times’ that they’ll be sharing together.

Supplier Spotlight: Photography – David Garmsen | Hair and Make Up – Martin Bermudez


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