An Idyllic Korean Prenup: Archer & Jaimee

 April 5, 2018

Oh the wonders of these Korean Dramas bring even to soon to weds like Archer and Jaimee. It’s because of their shared love for these K-Dramas that they had their idyllic Korean prenup.

That Special K-bond

But there’s more to this shared love of KDramas that led to choosing Seoul as the setting for their Korean prenup.

“We were together for seven years before we decided to tie the knot. And during those years, we struggled to find one thing in common that will keep us together. He was a gamer and I couldn’t stay in one place. But one thing we have in common is that we’re obsessed with Korean Dramas. We used to binge watch on dramas during the weekends while eating Korean comfort food–and this was before Netflix! Unbeknownst to both of us, this weekend routine was already a special part of our relationship and because of this, Seoul is really close to our hearts.”

Autumn in Seoul

This is how the couple describes their theme for this idyllic Korean prenup. Albeit this was probably influenced by the range of interesting yet romantic K-Dramas they’ve been watching together and ‘obsessing’ on. 

“Autumn is like a romantic canvass. You don’t need a stylist because the vibrant colors of Maple and Gingko leaves are already breathtaking. We wanted a relaxed photoshoot with everything raw and unstaged. We wanted a medley of vivid autumn leaves behind warm, passionate and natural candids. So, it had to be Autumn in Seoul.”

In A Different Light 

The couple admit that this two-day shoot opened up ‘a whole new experience’ for both of them.

“The shoot was really fun but very tiring! It was a 2-day shoot and we were practically crawling (Aika included) on our way back to the hotel each night. It was a whole new experience for both of us. At the end of each day we would tell Aika “Nakakapagod naman trabaho mo beshie!”. But she would just laugh at us.” 

This also gave them a new appreciation of photographers, specially with all their photographer, Aika Guerrero, did for them to have this idyllic Korean prenup session.

“Now we really appreciate all photographers who are passionate with their craft. We were just glad that we did the shoot. Aika taught us how to pose comfortably and this really helped us a lot even up to our wedding day.” 

Sweet & Unforgettable

This is how Archie & Jamiee described their Korean prenup experience, on the overall, specially it being their first time to visit Seoul.

“Until now, when we look at our photos (they turned out really awesome), we arereminded of the amazing experience.”

Travel Tips to Take Note of

Asked if there was anything wish they did differently for this shoot, they zeroed in on the way they did their travel arrangements, which we can sum up into two super useful travel preparation tips:

1. Fix Visa Before Booking

This could be the answer to a ‘chicken & egg’ type of question you may have in mind when it comes to traveling to countries that require visa for entry.

“If I were to turn back time and do the shoot again, I would’ve prepared for the visas first before booking the flights. We ended up having unnecessary spendings because I chose to do it the other way around.”

 2. Make Sure to Know How to Get Where

 It’s ok to go all adventurous and figure out directons when you get to your destination if you’re there for a long leisurely stay. But for instances like this idyllic Korean prenup, where you’re there with a checklist of items to visit within limited time, this tip is for you.

“We also should’ve done more research so we can cut the travel time. We heavily rely on google maps during our overseas trips so we got lost a couple of times in Seoul because the app doesn’t work in South Korea. We had to skip Gyeongbokgung Palace because we didn’t have enough time.”

K-Love to Last

With such an eventful yet idyllic Koren prenup these two had, it’s safe to say they will continue bingeing on a whole list of Korean Dramas even in late nights and wee mornings during their honeymoon & beyond. Thanks to their lovely prenup photos, they even have proof to share their kids & grandkids of their own version of a Korean love story.

How about you, has the Korean Drama craze bitten you and your loved one yet?  

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