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Kid-Friendly Wedding: 5 Ways to Manage Your Little VIPs

 April 26, 2017

Don’t let your fear of kids crying while you say your vows prevent you from inviting your beloved little ones on your big day! Forego your adults-only affair for a kid-friendly wedding instead!

Every soon-to-wed couple wants to have the perfect wedding—one that’s solemn or sentimental at the right times, and lively and cheerful when appropriate. Most guests understand this code. But when some of your guests haven’t learned to go potty or tie their own shoelaces yet, it’s too much to expect them to do the same. Fret not! An adults-only affair isn’t your only option. With the right mindset and strategy, you can have a perfect and kid-friendly wedding too!

When managed properly, children can bring a unique charm and joy to any occasion, most especially weddings. Don’t miss the chance to see these balls of sunshine in the cutest suits and dresses! Here are some tried-and-tested ways for you to have a completely kid-friendly wedding.

5 Tips for a Kid-Friendly Wedding

1. Have a Kid-Friendly Menu

Photo Credit: Jose Villa on Snippet and Ink via Lover.ly

One way to keep children well-behaved is by making sure that their tummies are satisfied. But kids can be very picky when it comes to their food! So ask your caterers if they offer a Kid’s Menu. This will not only please your little VIPs, but also cut down your food budget since kids’ meals are cheaper than the normal plate. Win-win!

Another sure-fire hit is a dessert bar filled with a variety of treats that would satisfy not only the kids but also the adults on your guest list. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone! 

Photo Credits to Party City

2. Keep ‘em busy!

Personalised Childrens Wedding Activity Box & Puzzle Book Pack Favour – Photo Credits to Dotty Hens (Etsy) –

Since kids get bored easily, make sure there are activities for them to do while the ceremony or the program is ongoing. It can be anything from providing coloring books or board games, to having them play junior photographer! This is an almost fool-proof way to keep your kid-friendly wedding exactly that.

Try out these free printable activity books here and here.

3. Set up a play area

Photo Credit: Wonderplay Party Play Area

If your venue (and budget) permits, designate an area where your little VIPs can hang out during the reception. Decorate this area with toys, books, and more fun activities. This way, they can also have a grand time at your kid-friendly wedding.

4. Get creative with loot bags

Photo Credits to Crayations

Loot bags are a staple at children’s parties. Why not prepare “For Kids Only” loot bags filled with different fun and yummy goodies? Inject your personality into it by filling these bags with not only food, but also your favorite childhood toys! If you are a 90’s kid, think about adding jack stones, yo-yos, Mik-Mik, Haw-Haw, Pintoora and the like! But we’d recommend staying away from the plastic balloons—remember how difficult those were to get out of clothing?

5. Give them a role to play

If you’re including kids in your entourage, find time to meet them or call them up to personally orient them about their roles. Accompany them during their fitting and have them practice their walk and smiles. Showing them how excited you are can help get them excited too. It allows them to prepare to do their part, and helps prevent sudden attacks of fear or shyness on the actual wedding.

But because they are kids, make sure you have a plan B! Maybe their dad or mom can help them walk down the aisle, or a favorite adult of theirs can help cheer them up before the procession.

The best way to know which idea will work is for you to put yourselves in the children’s shoes. We were all kids once (and maybe still are kids-at-heart) and have been in these situations at some point too. Just think of what you would have appreciated then. We’re sure that, when you make these small adjustments to have a kid-friendly wedding, the children (and their parents) will appreciate how much you treated these little ones as VIPs too. Hurray!

Are you planning to have a kid-friendly wedding too? Share with us your own tips in the comments section below!

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