What Clients Say About The Top Knotters

The main benefit that I get from The Top Knotters are the tips for various wedding topics. I also get inspiration and lots of ideas as well.

When you message them on any inquiry, they will answer your question right away.. They will send you links and articles for you to read on giving you lots of options.

Keep up the good work! You help soon to wed couples a lot!

Camille Tan Bride (December 17, 2016)

Jay & I went through the site and found very inspiring stories from other couples. It affirmed us that we made the right choice of getting married. The featured stories allowed us to go down memory lane and talk about our the things we went through for the preparations from the Prenup & the wedding day. This site is highly recommended for couples who are looking for inspiration. Kudos, Top Knotters! :)

So far, this is the wedding website that we find the most aesthetically appealing. Plus, the featured stories gives justice to the word "feature". There are lots of things you can learn from the "tips" section too.

Nothing more. :)

Framel dela Piedra - Gimarino Bride(1.7.17)

It is getting ideas from real weddings. Sometimes we might have ideas that might be too big or seems imposible but Top Knotters help those couples realise that things are achievable and no matter how simple plans may also be, it can be beautiful.

Top Knotters are very genuine and they feature real weddings with real people. I think the difference from other wedding websites is that couples who visit their site get a real idea of what's out there and how these ideas are being materialised.

The Top Knotters are down to earth and professional on how they communicate and treat their couples. It's very easy to get couples be comfortable with this team as they are genuine and it was a breeze working with them and trusting them with our own photos.

Krista Abad Bride

As soon as I got the message from Top Knotters that our engagement shoot will be featured I really got kilig, it is nice to know that they really get to know the story and experience and story of the couple.

As I said Top Knotters not only provide pictures they give you a story a real story that are based from experience. It’s always nice to read the story of each featured couple, each have unique piece to offer and it helps us readers to learn a thing or two from that experience.

You will get first hand advice and tips by just reading their blog. As couple share their what should have done it will help soon-to-weds to avoid that mistake.

Dholly Jean Casanas-Sudiacal Bride

The main benefit that I get from The Top knotters is the opportunity to share my wedding with everyone, especially to couples who are planning to get married. By sharing the photos of our wedding, we can inspire others and give ideas that they can use for their wedding.

The Topknotters is different from other websites because the weddings, engagement sessions and debuts they feature are incredibly unique and breathtaking. You'll find wedding ideas you have never seen before.

The Top knotters is a great site for wedding planning needs. If you are looking for a wedding dress, deciding on which theme to use or wedding bouquet ideas and other information you need to make your dream wedding a reality just log on to the topknotters website, for sure you'll find the best advice and ideas you need for a perfect wedding.

Grace Dizon Bride

The top knotters is one the wedding websites I get my daily inspiration from, most of it are they're tips when it comes to planning a wedding

The top knotters really feature the personality of the couple not just based on the photos, but they really create a story that really sets a couple unique.

Its a site that should be watched out for, because you can see that they are really commited to what they do.

Krisanta O. Felicia bride

Presents useful stuff. Clearly idenifies the tips and pieces of advice for easy reference, particularly helpful for frantic brides :)

They show articles that some may overlook, and presents a diferent take in popular topics. Particularly that one of Anne and Erwan's engagement. Enjoyed how they took a different spin into the write up.

Love their name, catchy and witty!

Cza Cabatay Bride

Main benefit I get from The Top Knotters would be tips, inspiration, and basically how it is going to be like when you prepare for a wedding.

The Top Knotters will know your story. It is very important to dig where the story is because that makes each article and couple unique. Couples who are featured in their site would feel extra special because The Top Knotters want to know and readers will know their own unique story.

Please continue to inspire future soon-to-weds when they start preparing their own road to fairytale. You guys have no idea how you touch your readers and followers lives and hearts. Keep it up!

Kristine Laureen Arambulo Bride

The Top Knotters served as one of my inspirations during my wedding preparations because they share very great articles!

What I love the most about The Top Knotters is how they share not just the wedding details of the couple, but also the story behind their wedding.

Thank you for featuring our story and our wedding! More power!

Karen Arguelles Bride, October 30, 2017

The main benefit that I get from The Top Knotters are the expert ideas, information, and inspirations for the preparation of my wedding

Personally, I could say that The Top Knotters is not just a website. It's a group of professionals who gave expert advice, ideas, do's and don'ts, provide good and qualified suppliers who can help you decide, think practically and thoroughly about your wedding. They are really friendly and would give you straightforward advice on what to expect, and not to, on your Big Day. They work really hard and they are dedicated individuals who have a big heart on what they do best and they do it to help every couple to achieve their wedding fantasies.

Thank you for doing your best to provide us good information, ideas and helpful tips for our wedding preps. You guys are amazing. I know you guys worked hard for this and you guys are just amazing. GOD BLESS and keep up the great work.. more success and followers to come. :)

Cristine Anne Trajano Bride

Being married for over a year now, it keeps us up to what's new in the field of weddings. It's fun to see how beautiful and amazing weddings are now.

It's very intimate. You get to read about the insights of both the bloggers and the couples themselves. It shows you another dimension.

Keep it up and continue inspiring soon to weds!

Francis Yamaguchi Groom October 10, 2015

List of reputable suppliers

The founder is warmly accomodating and can be easily reached. In addition, every feature contains helpful tips and not just photos being featured.

A very informative website.

Maan Pantalla Bride 29Apr2017

The main benefit that our wedding got featured ar Top Knotters was we were able to share our experience while preparing for our wedding and the outcome of our wedding to other married couples to to soon to be married couples aswell.

Top Knotters features the story of the couple and their experience while preparing for the wedding and what they learned from after, and i think that makes them different from other wedding/event websites.

Top Knotters is a good platform to share your insights and what can be improved from your wedding that can benefit other soon to be married couples.

RB Alcazar Bride

You get to read lovely stories from different people plus their advices for newly wed couples

they give you a lesson in every story which to me is the most important thing

Thank you for making our love story an inspiration to others. I hope you continue to make your readers believe in love and in putting God at the center of every relationship. Thank you for showing us the different love stories God has created for each one of us. We are honored to be one of your featured couples.

Rheens Camara Bride

The Top Knotters provides a venue where your collective ideas can translate to actual wedding pegs. You get to visualize your theme and learn which suppliers to get to achieve them. It can also be the check and balance for your own wedding list by showing you things you need and stuff you never knew you needed but could be either a vital or a sweet add-on to your wedding. This site also makes you realize that you can have a budget wedding that can look like an over-the-top celebrity wedding or a tone-down ceremony by following tips from the top knotters.

Some sites focus on the fashion of the couple to the point that it will make you ask why the gown or the tux won't look good on you when the feeling should be "will the groom fall for me all over again the first time he sees me walking down the aisle on this?" or "the couple looks so perfect together".

The Top Knotters provides an array of creme-of-the-crop suppliers for every budget. Aside from a happy couple, it is the way to a beautiful wedding.

Leah Panal Bride

The where able to feature how lovely our engagement session was, as well as who were our suppliers at that time.

For us, the Top Knotters has its personal touch when it comes to wedding related articles. They'll provide you a set of questions, answerable depending on the experience of each couple. So when the readers get to browse each article, the answer really varies, and the couples can really learn a lot from each article.

We love The Top Knotters! And of course Sir Dominic :) continue to help engaged couples on their wedding planning with all of your articles that you feature in your website :)

Krystel Marie Albania Bride

Wedding Preparations, Supplier Details and Inspirations.

More personal because the words from the article came directly from the Bride/Groom.

More Powers!

Kim Bride

I get to read more stories of real brides/grooms and learn more from the experiences that they happily shared.

For me, I feel that it has a more honest approach as the blog's team puts extra effort in getting the story behind the articles that they post. The team shares the couples' experiences which those next-in-line couples can really benefit from.

Just wishing you more power and success! Thanks for being sweet and approachable Dominic! :)

Charlene Grace Geluz-Bascara Bride (April 9, 2016)