Book Your Wedding Suppliers Without The Hassle of Metro Traffic

Book Your Dream Wedding Suppliers

On A Wedding Fair Without The 

Hassle of Metro Traffic

Are you a Soon-to-Wed who's looking for your wedding suppliers?

Hunting your wedding suppliers but you know it'd take you more than 3-5 hours just to go to an actual bridal fair in Manila?

Are you an overseas bride who's planning to get wed in the Philippines and you can't fly home just for a 2 day bridal fair to look for your suppliers?

Here's How You Can Have a No Stress "Supplier Hunting"  Session While Sipping Coffee with Your Fiancee at Home...

Supplier hunting should be fun for soon-to-weds but when you go through the traffic of Metro Manila today, you're actually wasting 3-5 hours on the road only to book 2 (sometimes 'zero') suppliers in a bridal fair. The stress isn't worth it. You walk every inch and corner of the bridal fair to check out all the promos of the participating suppliers and end up going home with really aching feet and legs. You're hungry, You're grumpy and You're tired. Worst, you fought with your fiancee because you were HANGRY!

You're an Overseas Couple?  You Can Now Enjoy The Promo Perks of Booking Suppliers During a Bridal Fair Without Spending Your Hard-Earned Money Booking For Flights...

Don't you wish you could just have saved your money for your wedding instead of using it for booking flights just to attend a 2 day bridal fair? It's hassle enough to pack all your things in a bag, go through the long lines of immigration at the airport, and ride an overpriced cab just to go home to your place in Fairview. And guess what? The Metro Manila Traffic missed you a lot and it's here to greet you while you're fresh from the airport. Seriously, no one deserves that kind of short & stressful vacation. So we're bringing the bridal fair to you ONLINE instead and get the same perks like the others while getting your dream wedding suppliers.

Still Not Sure Who To Book For Your Wedding? You Can Now Stalk All Your Dream Suppliers Online In One Place Quietly...

2 day Bridal Fairs can give soon-to-weds a lot of pressure. With only a very short time to check out all suppliers, you're stressing yourself a lot to book suppliers on the spot. Sometimes, with very short amount of time to do research. And you're competing with a lot of fellow brides inside the supplier booths just to inquire of their rates and availabilities. It's a riot like you're inside a wet market.... only nicer and dry. So why compete with everybody and not just talk to your suppliers privately? You're not pressured, You're at peace, and You're comfortable at home while creating your dream team for your wedding.

Register Now and Get Supplier Promos When You Book Your Wedding Suppliers through The Top Knotters Online Bridal Fair...
January 28 - February 1, 2019