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Post-Its Game Proposal: Story of Ricky and Cathy

Post-its Game Proposal

A cup of coffee can lead to many things: a productive day, energy to keep you going, and a lifetime of love. For Ricky and Cathy, sharing more than a hundred cups of coffee between them paved the way for a walk to the altar.

Ricky and Catherine met and fell in love in a coffee shop when they were college students. Over cups of coffee, they bonded on school work and slowly got to know each other better. The walls of the café stood witness to their blossoming relationship, and provided a venue for their doses of caffeine and talking about their dreams.

So it’s no surprise when, eight years later, Ricky chose a coffee shop to mark a milestone in their relationship. He picked Luna Specialty Coffee in BGC to gather their closest friends and ask Cathy to be his wife.

“She’s been my best friend, my travel buddy, and my girlfriend and we’ve grown together through a lot of adventures. The decision to propose came when I felt that all my goals and aspirations I had already involved her.”

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Simple Cafe Proposal: Kenneth and Aren

simple cafe proposal, Christian Andaya

All husbands-to-be should be willing to go the extra mile for their potential wives—and Kenneth was no exemption. But before preparing for his heartfelt yet simple cafe proposal, he first prepared himself to become the best version of himself and a worthy lifetime partner to Aren.

Kenneth and Aren were classmates at their high school in Batangas, nothing more. Although they did share a weird scenario during Physics wherein Aren asked Kenneth to hold an ice cube that wasn’t connected to their class experiment at all. You’d think this quirky moment would’ve led to some sparks. But it wasn’t until they became classmates again in college when they actually became close friends. And slowly, their friendship developed into a something that looked and felt a lot like love.

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Palm Beach Dream Proposal: Dennis & Marie

Dream Proposal, Moki Gray, Paper Project

Marriage proposals are a matter that men normally think deeply & thoroughly about. Aside from the fact that they’d be popping such a life changing questions, more often than not, there’s a bit of a pressure to plan out how to make it into what would be their ladylove’s dream proposal.

Here’s one Dennis so thoughtfully put together for his high school friend turned sweetheart, Marie. Many would agree that the beach side is one of the most romantic places to pop the question for a dream proposal, now having it set up as a feast for the senses makes it even more so. We just love how they also got an instant set up for a prenup photo shoot.

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A Spoken Word Proposal: Eman & Yvette

spoken word proposal

Surely, when you know someone who works in the wedding industry, you can expect them to get “things” done very creatively. Now, a spoken word proposal is definitely one of these “things”.

Eman, the owner of Pixelfish Concept PH, wanted to do out something different for his proposal. So he decided to do it through something he’s always wanted to try, Spoken Word. But he never really had the perfect place in mind for his plan. Then about a month before the proposal, Yvette expressed that she wanted to experience the feeling of camping since she never got to experience it as a child. Eman saw this as a perfect opportunity and decided to indulge her. She told her to gather all their friends and invite them for a camping trip for his birthday. Of course, Yvette was very excited to do all the planning. Imagine that, he even got her to plan the trip for his proposal without her knowing!

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6 Proposal Fails: What Not To Do

Proposal Don'ts to Avoid

Some of the most important things in life aren’t taught in school: how to manoeuvre your way through EDSA carmageddons, how to “make tawad” at the tiangges, how to get your boyfriend’s mom to adore you, and how to propose to your girlfriend in the way that will make her want to squeal “yes!” before you even take out the ring.

There are literally hundreds of ways to make a marriage proposal.  But today, we want to help you out by making sure you avoid what, to some people, are the worst proposal fails ever.

We asked married and single Filipinos alike: “What should a guy NOT do when proposing?” 

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A Proposal In Full Bloom: Atom & Carissa

Everybody loves Proposals! Right? Especially, when you see an actual Proposal in Full Bloom.

If you’ve been to weddings recently, you might have seen Atom host your friend’s wedding reception. He’s awesome, I tell you. But what’s more awesome is how he pulled off this proposal with the help of wedding supplier friends.

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PUNtastic Proposal: Will You Mere Me?

pun-tastic proposal

When you’ve got that line already set in  your head, it’s only a matter of time before you finally pop that PUNtastic Proposal!

So this is the story of Nemo and Meredith’s proposal at this very beautiful church in Spain as a background. Pretty romantic right? Now Nemo’s challenge was how to execute his plan and we all know how nerve-wracking it is for guys to just make everything perfect, let alone worry about their gf’s saying “YES”.

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Balesin Break-Up Proposal: Paolo & Leah

break-up proposal

Who breaks up with their girlfriend/boyfriend, at Balesin, while attending a wedding? This guy, Paolo, did. And it was the happiest moment of their lives.

Paolo and Leah went to attend a wedding in one of the most romantic islands in the Philippines, Balesin. This was actually a perfect getaway for the couple. However, Leah didn’t quite expect what was going to happen next. Continue Reading →