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Rustic Barnyard Wedding: From Friendster To Forever

This couple sealed their love at a rustic barnyard wedding after 8 wonderful years.

The social media age has undoubtedly created connections for us that differ from live interactions. While there may not be any chance for us to meet all these connections in person, we can’t say that deep, lasting connections cannot be made.

Take Paolo & Mitch who, true to the ‘techie times’, met 8 years ago through then top social media site, Friendster.

“We had common friends in college that led us to become connected to each other. After 3 months of exchanging chats and text messages we finally agreed to meet each other in person. It was a nerve-racking, Fun, anxious and exciting moment for we will finally meet and talk to each other for the first time — and it’s both our first time dating someone whom we met online). August 16, 2008, when we became an official couple and that led to a successful 8 years of relationship before we finally decided to get married.”

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