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Intimate Wedding: Mil and Pam

They say that home isn’t a place but a person. Perhaps this idea can be extended to weddings too, wherein it’s not the wheres and whens but the whos that matter most. Mil and Pam’s intimate wedding is proof that a milestone is still a milestone—no matter how many people there are to witness it.

In Philippine culture, the word “family” conjures up images of relatives down to the fifth degree (or further). So wedding parties often range from big to grand to half the population of New Zealand. While we’re sure plenty of couples have wanted to have an intimate wedding, very few actually go that route.

Meet Mil and Pam, a couple who enjoys exploring the world together. They celebrated their fifth year of being together with a trip to Japan—and ended it with a proposal, a picture-perfect jump start to a new chapter in their lives.

But the couple wanted to walk the road less-traveled. That is, they wished to celebrate such a momentous event within a tight-knit circle. And when we say tight, we really mean it. Can you imagine inviting only TWENTY people to your wedding? That probably only covers your siblings and parents right? But Mil and Pam prove that intimate wedding and Filipino can exist in the same reality. Read on for the scoop on how they accomplished such a feat.

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A Lovely & Carefree Engagement Session at Anawangin: Bryant & Jaja

To some couples, traveling together is one of the main ingredients that characterize their relationship, to others it is more of a special way to spice it up. For whatever kind of couple, having a carefree engagement session is a perfect excuse to go to a new destination for the first time together – and get awesome couple pics at that.

So that’s exactly what Bryant & Jaja did with for their own engagement session.

“Bryant and I love adventures! We like going around and seeing new places. So when we were thinking about where to shoot our prenup, he requested for any place where we both haven’t been to. Thus, we chose Anawangin. We wanted a relaxed and adventure-filled shoot with a little bit of everything: water, mountain and greens. We already knew that we’d be conscious in front of the cameras so we chose to do something fun where we can also be comfortable. It also represents our hope for more adventures together in the future!”

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Tagaytay Woodlands: A Relaxed & Rustic Engagement Session

Tagaytay Woodlands, Ralph Lee Photography, Styled by Kiz

Sometimes, the hustle & bustle of wedding preparations leave little or no room for a couple to enjoy a vacation what with their busy schedules and all. Justin & Irelle found the perfect avenue for a break through their  Tagaytay Woodlands rustic, romantic & relaxed engagement session.

“Since both of us are very busy, planning our prenup seems like very good excuse to have a getaway. We want a location away from the metro hence we chose Tagaytay. In addition, our top priority in choosing our location is the weather. We don’t want to get stressed during the photoshoot under the scorching sun. Plus we love cold weather.”

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Bright & Rosy Red-Letter Day: Marco & Vanessa

Isn’t it the sweetest to finally tie the knot with your childhood crush? Indeed, Marco & Vanessa’s red-letter day was filled with happiness and love as they celebrated it peppered with touches of red throughout their wedding details.

Theirs is a story you can imagine to be a plot for a romantic movie. You can only guess what kind of details of the subplots of their story could have. It definitely makes for an interesting & exciting story where we’re sure they learned a lot of lessons on life & love along the way.

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