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Friendship, Made More Special : Jeric & Hannah Prenup

friendship, proudrad

One of the sweetest romance we know nowadays can be heard from a line of a song : “Im lucky that I’m inlove with my bestfriend..” Jeric and Hannah found just that in their friendship turned to love.

“We had been friends for four years before we got together.. “

Some of the perks when love starts from friendship are being able to just be yourself and enjoy what you truly love doing. Fate let Jeric and Hannah find each other and be in each other’s company to do just that.

“We lived life just as it is — together. And we love it that way. We walked the city hand in hand and that was enough for us.”

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Dreamy Prenup : A Soiree For Two at Alta Veranda

Dreamy Prenup, Proudrad, Tipping Point Collective

From a modern day belle to an ethereal princess, this timeless, dreamy prenup highlights different romantic looks on soon-to-be bride Sheena while exquisitely paired with her future husband, Rocky.

The couple describes their prenup theme to be dreamy, whimsical & romantic. For this, they chose Alta Veranda De Tibig in Silang, Cavite as their backdrop. They found this place to have a unique, romantic vibe with a classy & elegant ambiance.

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Woodland Rustic Prenup At Alpadi

Woodland Rustic, ProudRad, Tipping Point Collective

As far as weddings go, rustic has been a popular theme possibly because there’s something distinctly romantic with the rawness of the components that go into putting it together. There’s rustic vintage, rustic chic; and then, there’s woodland rustic, which is what Martin & Ice went for in their overall wedding theme.

“Our wedding theme is woodland rustic. We told our stylist that we would like to have our prenup concept tied to out wedding theme. They proposed a number of mood boards for us to choose from and fell immediately in love with 3 concepts: Woodland Casual, Rustic Melody and Sweet Enchantment. The treatment of the prenup was a bit like an editorial, something that we surprisingly enjoyed doing with the knowledge that we might not be able to do the same again. The venue, having both the woodland feel & rustic vibe was perfect for our theme.”

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