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6 Times Nikki Gil & BJ’s Wedding Made Us Cry

Nikki gil

Nikki Gil who? It’s Nikki Albert now.

It was last November 21, 2015 when the radiant songstress tied the knot to her college sweetheart.  But they have just released their full wedding video and we can’t help but gush over the beautiful film by THE Jason Magbanua.  Here’s a rundown of our favorite things about their wedding, which are sure to make you laugh and cry, in equal parts.

Nikki Gil and BJ Albert: Just before they tied the knot.

Nikki Gil and BJ Albert: Just before they tied the knot. Photo by Pat Dy.

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Confessional SDE: How Else You Can Say ‘I Do’

Confessional SDE, Jason Magbanua

One of the latest Filipino celebrities to tie the knot was acclaimed Red Turnip theater actress Cris Villonco and businessman Paolo Valderrama.  But it wasn’t just the beautiful dresses the bride wore (Elie Saab for the church and Lesley Mobo for the reception) that caught the internet abuzz.  Rather it was their confessional SDE (same day edit), which was woven magnificently by Jason Magbanua to include the personal vows of the couple so that the mini ‘film’ dripped with emotion and sincerity.

confessional SDE

Screencaps of the bride and groom reciting their confessions of love separately on the eve of their wedding.

The confessional SDE begins with the bare-faced bride in front of her vanity, giving her groom a ‘warning’:

“So this is me. I’m about to go to bed before our wedding.  Faded eyebrows, walang makeup.  This is what you agreed to go to bed with and wake up to for the rest of your life.”

Credits roll and we are shown a few teasers from the ceremony before the bride greets us once more to let us know that,

“This is it.  This is it, after everything.  Ito na yun!”

While scenes from the morning preparations play on the screen, the groom’s voice starts to tell us his side of the story.

“Paano ko nalaman na ikaw na?  Malaking factor yung dinala mo ako sa simbahan at niyaya mo akong magdasal.  The only thing that makes me happy is when I see you happy.  Secondary na lang yung iba.”

This exchange continues between more scenes from the church and the reception.  What had been two separate vows became an intimate conversation—and it instantly captivated guests and viewers alike. 

The Confessional SDE

This refreshing take on the SDE comes at the heels of a clarification made by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) last January, which stated that personal vows should not be inserted within the wedding liturgy.  An alternative offered to couples was to recite their personal vows during the reception instead. 

But soon-to-wed couples seem to have another option now that we have witnessed how equally affecting a confessional SDE could be.  This is something that couples from all denominations can consider for their own weddings too.   Not only does the confessional SDE allow their loved ones to witness up close each emotion as it crosses their faces, but it also allows both the bride and groom to be comfortable, forget the crowd, and focus only on each other. 

So if you’re getting married soon, talk with your videographer about the possibility of doing your own confessional SDE.  We might not all be award-winning, alabaster-skinned actresses like Cris Villonco, but we can be sincere too.  Especially when the “tamang panahon” arrives.

Watch the full SDE below: