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The Colors Of Balesin: Choi & Ann Prenup

balesin , paolo feliciano

“Balesin’s seven themed villages taking us to the world’s alluring destinations tells a lot about how much we love travelling and seeing the world.”

This is one of the reasons why Choi & Ann chose Balesin as the setting for their engagement session.  As couples immortalize their love for each other through such photos, it holds much meaning to execute it in a way that reflects not just their love for each other but their relationship & shared passions as well.

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A Surprise Wedding That You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

Surprise Wedding

We all love surprises…a birthday party, an expensive gift, or a marriage proposal…these are just a few of the typical surprises anyone can encounter. But a surprise wedding?

Seems impossible, right? Well, not for Darius and Eireen. They were already married, legally with a contract signifying their union in matrimony. But Darius wants to make his wife’s dream of getting married in the church come true. And he didn’t just simply make it happen, he surprised Eireen on her own big day.

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