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Honest Love: Chip and Angeli (SDE by Hello & Co. Cinema)

When you strip a relationship off of its high “kilig” moments, we can only hope there’s an honest love at the core to sustain it.

There’s a certain excitement when you start dating someone. It gives you a rush as you tread on the unknown in hopes of discovering a priceless treasure. But we think the true test of a relationship comes once your adrenaline levels return to normal. What’s left after the high “kilig” getting-to-know moments? We can only hope that you have what Chip and Angeli have: an honest love.

Honest Love

When Chip and Angeli went to the prom together, they felt absolutely no spark between them. It was just the usual affair wherein your friend/cousin/parent finds a date for you so you can pretend to star in your very own prom movie. (Regardless if it’s “Jawbreaker”, “10 Things I Hate About You”, or “Carrie”.)

Eight years later though, when the two were merely Facebook friends, Angeli posts a random thought on her timeline. We assume she might have been ranting, which would’ve been completely forgivable for someone in her last year of medical school. Whatever it was, Chip saw it and for some reason decided to check Angeli’s relationship status. Seeing that she was single, he dropped her a line.

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Engagement Session at Potipot Island: Crystal & Pau

Potipot Island , Oak St Studios

Zambales is such a go-to place for beach lovers so it’s no wonder why Crystal & Pau chose to go there to have their prenup in Potipot Island.

Aside from just being beach lovers, Zambales is significant for the couple because this is where celebrated their first anniversary. But it was in one of its other islands, Pundaquit. This time, however, they chose to have their engagement session in Rama International of Potipot Island because here, they allow pets! This is how they were able to have a shoot with their beautiful chow-chow.

The photos have a dramatic but romantic just-the-two of us vibe — in some photos, three, including the chowchow. These photos would probably make Crystal & Pau reminisce about things they whisper to each other that only the two of them can hear; not even the cutie chow-chow.

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Calm Vibe: Capones-Anawangin Prenup

calm vibe, anawangin prenup, oak st studios

Maybe it’s the sweaters against the sea, and greens or the black & white hues, but there’s something about it which gives off a cool and calm vibe to  this particular island E-session.

Beach location prenups would normally be matched with colorful, bohemian or earth-toned island living themes. Micah & Auee’s Capones-Anawangin beach prenup, on the other hand, is a refreshingly cool take on such a warm summery place.

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