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Intimate Batanes Renewal of Vows: Jody and Dicky

Intimate Batanes Renewal, Metrophoto

What makes weddings special? Is it the fancy and lavish wedding reception? The long-trailed wedding gowns? Or the big, sparkly diamond wedding rings? This intimate Batanes renewal of vows by Jody and Dicky reminds us all of what truly makes weddings special.

Usually, couples would invite people who have witnessed their love story as their wedding guests. But Jody & Dicky wanted to do things differently for their wedding vow renewal.

It’s our 15th wedding anniversary. It’s very special because it’s intimate. In fact, it was just  my husband and I declaring our vows again. It doesn’t have to be with a big crowd. It is enough for just the two of us with the presence of a Catholic priest to bless our married life.

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Oslob Prenup: A Bold & Dramatic Session

oslob prenup, metrophoto

We just can’t help but marvel at this Oslob prenup.

When you get the opportunity to do something pretty epic in your life with your loved one, like swim with whale sharks, might as well make sure to document it well. Having it as part of their prenup, Chex & Ed had more than just a well documented epic adventure. What they got was a well-crafted, dramatic and awe-inspiring Oslob prenup memento captured by Oly Ruiz with his team at Metrophoto.

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An Epic Iceland Postnup Session: Francis & Margaux

Iceland Postnup, Metrophoto

Iceland wasn’t at the top of Francis & Margaux’s list of choices for their destination postnup location. It wasn’t even second! But looking through their amazing photos by the Metrophoto team, you’ll see how everything just turned out for the best.

“We’ve always talked to Oly about places on where we want to have our postnup shoot on the premise that it has to be epic. There was actually a place we’ve initially agreed on, but upon research, photoshoots aren’t allowed there pala. So we went through our bucket list again and decided na Croatia was a really beautiful but very underrated country so parang somehow very intriguing choice sya. Then as we were planning the trip, naisip na rin namin na since we’re going to travel that far na rin naman, why not include Iceland na rin to add to the ‘epicness’ of the shoot. Montenegro naman was recommended by a good friend of ours so sinama na rin namin since it’s just a two hour drive from Dubrovnik lang.”

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Ehra Madrigal’s Prenup: An Impromptu Fantasy in Venice

In case you haven’t seen them on Metrophoto’s blog, Tom and Ehra Madrigal’s prenup photos shot in Venice have just been made public and they are oh-so-glorious!

Blending sartorial glamour with that carefree je ne sais quoi, Tom and Ehra Madrigal’s prenup session spells pure fantasy—and you won’t believe the story that comes with it either.  To find out more about what happened behind the scenes, we had a chat with the future bride herself.  Here, she recounts with us how she and her fiancé met, as well as her Top Knotters experience while preparing for and shooting in Venice.  As a bonus for our readers, Ehra also shares with us her advice for couples when it comes to selecting their suppliers for the big day.  We guarantee they’re 100% practical, perfect even for non-celebrities like most of us!

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This Glamorous Castaway Prenup Will Make You Love Surigao

Surigao Island, Metrophoto

What would be a better way to capture one’s Surigao Island Prenup than to portray glamorous castaways?

Suzie & Tom definitely made the most of their exotic prenup session location, thanks to the brilliant idea of their photographer Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto.

“Surigao was not the venue we had in mind for our E-session. We were thinking to have the shoot somewhere picturesque that highlights the beauty of nature. When we had our 1st meeting with Oly Ruiz and after interviewing us, he did not hesitate to pitch in the idea of underwater shoot with jellyfishes in Surigao. We immediately liked the idea and said yes to it despite being a little bit wary.”

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A Grand Travel Themed Twins Debut Celebration You Will Surely Love

Twins Debut, Metrophoto

We’re happy to announce that we have a new section up on our website and we’re launching it with this grand Twins Debut.

While The Top Knotters mainly features wedding related events, we’ve thought of adding a section on another milestone in one’s life that we can pretty much say are prepared for and celebrated in a way that’s ‘Just Like Weddings’. And that is ‘Debuts’.

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AlDub Wedding Photos You’ve Never Seen Before

AlDub Wedding Photos

Alden and Maine’s Wedding Photos are out! Let real love take you to forever as Metrophoto leaves you wanting for more.

With photos beautifully captured by no less than The Metroman himself, Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto, we take a peek into the preparations for a very much-awaited wedding. As the couple and their entourage get ready at the Mansion, we can’t help but see how very Filipino this wedding is — set at home, where the couple is surrounded by friends & family. We see Maine in her timeless lacy but modest gown that gives emphasis to the beauty of the blushing bride. And Alden as well as his groomsmen wearing the traditional barong. The very pinoy feel is just befitting of a couple that has pretty much been catapulted into becoming a national icon. You can just sense the calm excitement emanating from the soon-to-weds.

For their friends, family & loved ones, on the other hand, it’s all about the happiness they have for the couple and the ‘kilig’ this marriage made them feel. Oh, won’t you just swoon over the photos from preps to the ceremony?

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Amazing Postnup At Masungi Georeserve You Should Absolutely See


Like most wedding suppliers, wedding videographers are best known for staying behind the scenes. But what if the spotlight is turned on them? It’s interesting to know what kind of experience it would be for them to be on the other side of the lens.

Just recently, Wedding Filmmaker, Ian Cruz and his wife, Shy, got wed in Batanes. After very busy wedding preparations, their memorable big day and an after-wedding vacation, they had their postnup session with Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto at the Masungi Georeserve. So we asked Ian and Shy to share their experiences with us and other soon-to-wed couples.


Photo by Metrophoto

How did it feel for them to be the one in front of the camera and do all the posing?

For Ian, it appears he’s comfortable not only behind the camera, but in front of it as well. For him, posing and being in front of the camera was something he didn’t find a hard time doing. Probably all the time he has spent with lenses just made him feel so at home.

Shy, on the other hand, expressed feeling a mix of emotions for their shoot. She felt a combination of excitement & agitation because it’s the first time they’ve done this kind of shoot as a couple and as a family — add to that the fact that it was Oly Ruiz and his Metrophoto team who were taking their photos.

She admits jokingly, “Posing is not our craft talaga and we were worried about being pretty”. Despite their inhibitions, they gave their best and really made the most of the moment by making the effort to raise their confidence and internalize what it was like to be models. More importantly, they made sure to exude their love for each other in each shot that was taken of them.

Of course, they also give much credit to the talented people who helped with their post-nup session leaving them with photos that just left them speechless:

Photography: Oly Ruiz and the Metrophoto Team

Suit for Ian: Boy Kastner Santos

White gown for Shy: Veluz

Red & nude gowns for Shy: Patricia Santos

Hair and Make-up: Randy Sta. Ana of The Make Up Studio


Photo by Metrophoto

What are their tips for soon-to-weds on how to better prepare for a pre-nup / post-nup session?

They pretty much encapsulated it into 5 main things:

  1. Get a photographer that depicts your style

  2. Wear your confidence and be comfortable with your poses

  3. Let love be expressed through your poses

  4. Do something ‘doozy’ – aim to get a winning shot

  5. Just enjoy and trust your photographer

Sounds like very useful and practical tips soon-to-weds should remember when going for their pre-nup or post-nup sessions.


Photo by Metrophoto

What about you? What tips can you share with us and other couples on how to prepare for a pre-nup or post-nup session? Send in your stories, photos & tips to